7 Remarkable Places to Visit alone in Pune

places to visit alone in Pune

Pune is city that changes its color frequently, exactly like a chameleon! It’s calm and serenity despite being one of the important Indian cities is par excellence. A complete mix of ideas and culture, Pune welcomes tourists from across the globe offering them the much required break from a chaotic life. Having rich history and fairly contemporary culture, the city attracts tourists from places near and far. Travelling solo? Pune can be a great place to explore. Check out our list of places to visit alone in Pune. It will be a trip to stay with you for long.

Aga Khan Palace

Constructed in the year 1892 by the Sultan Aga Khan III, the intention behind its creation was to render employment to the famine-affected villagers in the nearby areas. During the war of independence in India from British Rule, several freedom fighters were brought as prisoners including the Mahatma (Mahatma Gandhi). It was during the Quit India Movement, that Gandhi was imprisoned in the palace. At present, there are belongings, photographs and memories of Mahatma Gandhi’s life exhibited in a museum inside the palace premise.

Osho Ashram

Solo traveling will bring you the added advantage of seeking peace on visiting Osho Ashram. One of the quiet places to visit in Pune, the ashram is situated in an amazing complex of 32 acres. Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain called Osho allows peace seekers this resort for Yoga and Medication. The trainers in the ashram will teach you the art of practicing Meditation to control stress and worry. During day, maroon robes are worn by all while the night is for white robes. Visiting this popular ashram will leave you rejuvenated and stress-free.   

Sinhagad Fort

One of the best places to travel alone near Pune is Sinhagad Fort. Located at a close distance of 35 kilometers from the city, the fort also known as ‘Lion’s Fort’ is settled on a hill at a height of 800 meters from ground level. The Lion’s Fort is considered to be a strategic fort, carefully picked for its close proximity with the city of Pune. It is during monsoons starting from the month of June that the fort lightens up with some majestic waterfalls, verdant landscape and lush flora, being one of the best spots for hikers and trekkers from Mumbai and Pune.

Temple Pilots

A Paragliding School, Temple Pilots offers both beginners’ courses and single flights to the adventure freaks. There are nine instructors in total who successfully maintain a healthy student-teacher ratio. You will feel wonderful being trained under the APPI International Certified (Association of Professional Pilots & Instructors). The popular school maintains exceptional quality and safety standards for the students and your solo trip to Pune will turn all the way more enthralling with this adventurous learning. Imagine soaring high in the sky and witnessing the countryside from an angle unimaginable otherwise!

Tribal Culture Museum

Now let’s come down to earth and talk about the city’s tribal culture. You can know best about the tribal communities in the state of Maharashtra in this popular Tribal Cultural Museum. Situated 2 kilometers away from the Pune railway station, the museum highlights the tribal culture through musical instruments, jewelry, utensils and even their black magic objects. If you have an inclination towards cultural history, you must explore this one from our list of places to visit in Pune.

Della Adventure

Della Adventure is among the largest adventure game parks in India. You get the chance to choose from over 80 activities. If you are someone loving adrenaline rush, this is your place for sure. No matter if its zipping across a long table (500ft) or racing on the mud tracks in ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), you will find it all here. Who knows if you can make some friends during an adventure game?

Doolally on Tap!

Tired from the all-day sightseeing and exploration in the city? Check out one of the most visited hang out places in Pune – Doolally on Tap! It is the city’s first Microbrewery offering delicious beers crafted by Oliver Schauf, the German brew Master. The menu changes every month bringing to the table the best beers along with European, German (sausages) and Indian dishes. You will find the interior quite traditional built with floor panels, wooden bar stools, barrels kept as tables and large tanks of brewery in background. The authentic ambiance seems to cost much? Well, no! The prices are quite mid-range and worthy of the glass of beer and German Sausages coming straight at your barrel (table). Keep a watch at the happy hours and factory hours.

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