5 hassle-free hacks to rent a car abroad

“When exploring new and exotic places is in the books, there isn’t anything to complement a pair of your own wheels. Although you couldn’t board the car on a plane when taking an international flight, the best way is to hire one.”

  1. Book in advance

Early booking, especially if your plan is for a long term car rental in Bahrain would get you just the vehicle of your preference and the right cost. Being lazy or simply waiting for the last minute rentals would leave you with a car that no one else wants that can be either due to a fault or any other reason in particular. Plan ahead and you might be the lucky one to avail early-bird discounts.

  1. Company comparison

Much like one-size-don’t-fit-all, not every car rental company is the same! On sorting out your trip dates, consider browsing the web and sift through as many companies as possible. Have a look at their services, rental policies, pick-up and drop standards, prices, perks and of course, available models which helps you in picking the rental car of your like.

Above all, make sure the company is registered and reliable. Such details can be found on the internet through forums, recommendations or you may ask local services before making reservations. Authentic services promise best customer experience and pride themselves with high-quality vehicles for which customers also agree to pay a little more.

  1. A valid insurance

Although rental cars come with basic cover policies, they won’t do much as compared to your personal insurance. If you’re eager for full protection when abroad, it’s better to invest in booking with a rental car company that offer extensive cover policies all the way from reservation till turning in the vehicle.

  1. Review terms & conditions

It’s rare for anyone to read those terms and condition, printed on a tiny paper but, doing so might save you from unlikely surprises as well as helps in taking an informed decision on the car rental. When making online reservations, it’s much easier to go through the terms and conditions thanks to magnified view and web text effects. And if you’re looking forward to long term car rental in Bahrain, choose between driving all by yourself or arrange a chauffeur to drive you across.

  1. Remember essential paperwork

It’s likely for the rental company’s desk/counter staff to validate your documents before agreement. This is very important especially if you’re renting abroad so be sure you carefully review the company’s rental policies, terms and conditions as well as have all the essential paperwork to get it done in a hassle-free way. A few things you might need are:

  • Credit card issued in the driver’s name.
  • Driver’s license which is very important whether you’re renting a car or not. It’s also considered an essential travel document and details can be checked at official state government’s website for the country you’re heading.
  • Proof of identification which is your national identification card and passport.
  • Voucher (optional) may clear away possible obstructions if you’ve rented a vehicle before and have a clean history.

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