The Impact of Wikipedia in Digital Content Marketing


Many of us have this habit of googling about everything that we need the feel to inquire. Whether you are starting a new job or buying something from a new brand, you use Google to know whether to go for it or not. Have you ever bothered to notice that out of all the search results, you unconsciously choose to click on a Wikipedia page that usually tops the result list? The one reason that we choose to click on a Wikipedia page is that it is at the top. And the other reason for clicking a Wikipedia page is that we think that the information that we will find on Wikipedia would be more credible than any other website. Most internet users find Wikipedia a great help for researching about anything.


The popularity of Wikipedia and its linkage with credibility among internet audience makes it a great digital content marketing tool. It is one of the most searched websites on the internet and people on internet largely rely on it for research and information. There are many reasons why Wikipedia is considered a great content marketing tool. This article is going to discuss in detail how Wikipedia influences digital content marketing.

  1. It Increases Accessibility

Wikipedia’s business policy is based on establishing a website that provides information for free to everyone. It offers free accessible encyclopedias on almost every topic and anyone who has an internet connection can access it. Having a page on Wikipedia makes your brand approachable for a huge range of customers including the targeted ones and the general people as well.

  1. It Enhances Credibility

As discussed earlier, people consider the information on Wikipedia as credible because of the Wikipedia policies that strictly enforce credibility. For instance, information on Wikipedia can be challenged by the users and any information on the site is needed to have verifiable references in order to be published. So any product that has a webpage on Wikipedia is ultimately considered credible, which definitely increases the sales. However, if your product fulfills the criteria of Wikipedia, you can own a page on the site with the help of different wiki writing service providers.

  1. It Builds Your Identity

Brand identity nowadays highly depends on how you represent yourself on the internet. If you have a low-quality website, people immediately rank your product as low quality. This is how it goes in today’s world. Products that are on Wikipedia are perceived as superior and are noticed by a wide-ranging audience. This helps brands developing an identity that makes them stand out from their competitors.

  1. It Optimizes the Growth

The businesses that have a Wikipedia page thrives because it increases their sales. Having the benefit of being accessible to a larger group of audience increases the chances of converting new customers and drawing in the targeted ones easily.

  1. International Recognition

Wikipedia is a multilingual site and it’s is free. These two factors make it a perfect marketing tool if you want to sell your product internationally. The users from a diverse cultural or social groups get to see your product and become familiar with it. Their familiarity is accompanied with trust because it is on Wikipedia. This does not only promote your products but also generate new markets for it. If you own an e-business, then the rewards increase even further. People can online purchase your products and directly strengthen your sales.

Wikipedia is a great marketing tool and there are many other benefits of using it as your marketing platform. It is a better marketing platform than social media because it requires only one-time investment and you do not need to hire a team to manage your Wikipedia page. Moreover, it takes less time as well. That is, it does not require constant upgradation of the content. Unlike social media platforms, content of Wikipedia does not need new content every few hours and you can simply upgrade the existing content when needed. However, you may need to monitor your page to see if it is being challenged by any external Wikipedia editors.

All of this shows clearly that content marketing is the future.

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