7 Best WordPress Theme Affiliate Websites

Affiliate marketing can be considered as one of the most fruitful ways for growth as well as promotion in business. It is basically a technology for the promotion of business on the internet.

As all of us know, there are a lot of WordPress theme sites that are available on the internet. So, it might be quite difficult for anybody to choose an ideal website for WordPress theme. In this article, we will tell you some of the best WordPress theme affiliate websites that are good for affiliate marketing projects.

Top WordPress Theme Affiliate Websites For You

Here are some of the best WordPress theme affiliate websites that will help in increasing brand awareness, program funding as well as products distribution.

  1. StudioPress

StudioPress can be considered as a unique among its kind and is an all in one website builder along with the flexible power of WordPress. The industry has its own standard design framework which is known as the Genesis Framework. This framework is already used by more than 50,000 websites. The website is totally hassle-free and the user interface is totally friendly. There are many WordPress sites that charge around $79 per month for a third party service for maintaining the updates. But in the case of StudioPress, it is done for free.

  1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is considered as one of the best WordPress Theme Sites that handles over more than 401000 customers who are totally satisfied with the website. No customer has ever given a single negative review regarding the Elegant Themes website. The website has one of the best visual page builders which is really very easy to use and is quite fast. We hope that the website is going to create more stuff like the Divi. The customers can get the theme builder and the Divi page for 80$ only.

  1. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop has a total number of 361,421 happy customers. Most of the people like to begin with their journey with the MyThemeShop and is always their very first choice. The loading speed of this page is very fast and has got a charming look. The themes of this website are search engine optimized which is very helpful for the customers. All the themes that are present in MyThemeShop are really fascinating. The MoneyFlow theme of the MyThemeShop increases the money flow for a small business.

  1. Happy Themes

Happy Themes are one of the latest theme providers for WordPress and the best thing to be noticed when anyone visits the HappyTheme is that you can never take your eyes off the page. All the themes present in HappyThemes are treating the eyes and comes with a lot of loaded functionalities. The support team of the HappyThemes response in time and for the tough queries the team always comes up additional codes.

  1. Template Monster

There are many WordPress sites from which you can buy the themes and Template Monster is one of them. TemplateMonster was launched in the year 2002 and since then it has been becoming one of the largest one in the marketplace. There are a total of around 1,400 themes in Template Monster and each of them is created by a team of in-house designers.

  1. Themify

Themify has a total of more than 70,000 customers who trust the site totally. The site has around 42+ WordPress themes that can be chosen from. The company guarantees that blogging will be much easier from before and your websites will be faster if you use their theme and the plugins. The price of each theme is around $49 but you can all the themes just for $79 if you are a member. This means each theme will cost around more than a dollar and a half. You will have the liberty to choose the themes of your choice. It will be better to become a member rather than purchasing those themes.

  1. Thrive Themes

One of the best things about Thrive Themes is that the products are used on most of the popular blogs. There are a lot of popular themes built by Thrive Themes. The page has a plugin which is known as the Content Builder. This content builder is used by more than 44000 people in order to make their blog more beautiful. The themes also help in enlightening the blogs with better accessories that help in highlighting the important parts of the content.

These are the best theme affiliate websites that you can choose from that will help you in promoting your product and attract a huge number of audiences.

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