The Effectiveness of Keyword Density in SEO; Major takeaways for a Beginner

Keyword density is an important concept of SEO (search engine optimization). It refers to the repetition of keywords on a webpage or in a content. Keyword density is also known as keyword frequency.

You can determine keyword density by dividing the number of keywords by the total number of words in an article. The resulting figure will be the density of the keyword on a page.

There are no defined rules to determine the density of keywords. You can measure the density of keyword with the help of a keyword density checker tool. This tool will take a few minutes to estimate the percentage of keywords as compared to the actual number of words.

You will need keyword density in the SEO to determine the significance of a web page for key phrase or keyword. It is essential to get a higher ranking for your site in the search results. The optimal value for keyword density may vary between 1 and 3 percent.

It will be good to add targeted keywords in head tags of HTML, meta-description, title, and URL. Keyword density checker tool can help you to discover the optimal value of keyword density.

Effect of Keyword Density on SEO

There was a time when Google rank a website based on the repetition of particular keywords in a text. People were using this technique to get a place in the top ten. Nowadays, this practice is recognized as keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing may increase the exposure of your content, but it had some adverse effects on the readers. An article will be confusing to read, and keyword stuffing can negatively affect the internet experience of readers.

Nowadays, search engines have a new practice. They could penalize the sites that are doing keyword stuffing to increase their ranking. SEO experts realize that stuffing keywords in articles can’t work in your favor.

How do you use keyword density?

Keyword stuffing is becoming malpractice. It doesn’t mean that you can’t repeat certain phrases. You have to pay attention to the density of keywords in your text. If you are repeating a word in an article, it means your content is revolving around this particular topic.

Keyword density reveals the percentage of keywords that appear on a page as compared to the total number of words in the article. For instance, if a phrase “terms and conditions” is written 7 times in a text of 100 words, then its density is 7%.

SEO experts suggest you write content on your domain and get optimal density naturally. It will be good to check the density of the keyword in your text after completing it.

Importance of Keyword Density Checker Tools

Keyword stuffing may lead you to penalties so it will be good to optimize your content by managing the density of a keyword. Sometimes, authors neglect the use of main keywords after the first paragraph. It is a common practice in long posts where you can jump from one subject to another subject.

With the help of keyword density checker tool, you can check the density of keywords in your content. This free tool is easy for everyone to use. Just enter the URL of a web page and start checking keyword density. After checking with this tool, you can get the following results:

  • Density (it shows all phrases in the text and their repetition)
  • Word Weights (it shows the optimization of a page for different queries)
  • Word On (it shows the location of phrases on one page)
  • Links
  • Meta Tags

With the help of a tool, you can set several advanced parameters that are important during analysis. You can check your daily content with this tool to improve the rankings of your website for particular keywords and phrases.

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