Combating the vice of plagiarism

This write up focuses on defining the boundaries of plagiarism and introducing effective measures to uproot this crime especially with the use of online tools which perform plagiarism comparison. The introduction, ways of working, uses and advantages of these online tools will also be discussed and analyzed.


Plagiarism is unauthorized use of someone’s work without the permission of original author. It is a crime and highly loathed in the international community. It is theft of literary writings and often results in snatching the credit of the original source. Plagiarism occurs in academic writings, research articles, and thesis documents. In this era of cut-throat competition plagiarism cannot be ignored nor tolerated and with the advancement of technology, multiple sources have been developed to check plagiarism and avoid it. One of these sources is an online tool which works on the principle of text comparison.

Detection of plagiarized content

There are many ways of detecting plagiarism; however, most efficient and effective way to detect plagiarism is the use of plagiarism checking online tools. This method is the most widely used and most famous due to the convenience which it provides. These online tools are divided into two categories:

Plagiarism Comparison

A plagiarism comparison tool compares and contrasts two documents or files or texts and highlights the plagiarized content and compares it with each other.


Examples of this comparison tool include:



Plagiarism Checker

A tool which after contrasting two document files filters plagiarized content and separate it by highlighting, this is a strong and interactive checking tool. This tool also checks grammatical errors and points them out.

Mostly checker tools and comparison tools work in the same fashion; however, there are certain differences in the execution of the main process and in the final result.


Examples of this checking tool include:



How these tools work

Copy the URL or text and paste it into that tool which then executes the already written commands and compares the text with already provided texts. Then highlight the plagiarized content. It also applies the few basic filters already set and produces the desired results according to the requirements.


Following are the advantages of these tools:

Fast loading

Such tools are very rapid in pace. They perform all the functions in microseconds. They are designed to compare the given text with millions of databases around the World Wide Web.

Provides source links

Another interesting feature of these tools is that it provides the links from which copied text has been taken. This ensures authenticity and efficiency.

Maintains ethical limits

These tools keep the writers within their limits of morals and ethics. They have to think twice before going for plagiarism. Text comparison boosts the skills of writers as well.


Due to the speed of these tools, they are far more time to save than other plagiarism detection tools. They are very time saving and authentic.

Easy to use

These tools are developed such that they are easy to understand and use. One has very little or negligible understanding of computer programming can use it easily.


The interface of checking and comparison tools is very interactive, user-friendly and simplified. The site is always structured in a helpful manner.

Percentages of similarity

Mostly these tools also show the percentages of similarity of content. This provides a clear picture regarding how much of the text has been plagiarized and this determines the gravity of the situation.

Improving paraphrasing abilities

When a student produces a write up he or she might test his or her writing skills by using these tools as they take you directly to the source document.


Despite the results, these tools provide huge evidence regarding the action performed. If an individual has plagiarised this will be shown in results and if not this will be also evident from the final result.


The plagiarism checking tools are mostly used by following:


After completing the writing, students are mostly advised to check their content through a checking tool. This will not only highlight the grammatical and spelling mistakes but also will enable them to know if any of their work matches with already published content on the internet. This way they may amend their document before submitting it.


Faculty may check the assignments submitted to them with the help of these texts compare tools. This is most helpful when a number of assignments are huge. These tools will compare two texts, scan the internet for plagiarism and also point out mistakes.


Publishers must be very careful while handling content from different sources as putting a plagiarized content on the website can produce deadly results for the owner. This can suddenly fall the rankings of the site and in worst cases might altogether get the site removed from the algorithm of search engines.

What are compare text tools?

Online tools which compare two texts are comparison tools. These are easily available online and perform a variety of functions. These perform plagiarism check, grammatical and spelling mistakes check, word count and a wide variety of other such functions. These also perform difference check as well. These compare text tools are highly beneficial for the academic and research circles. The prominent feature of these tools is their versatile and easy to use nature.


Examples of these tools include:

Beyond Compare


Difference Checker

In some cases need arises to work out differences between two documents or files or texts. In such a situation, an online tool is available to which you provide two documents and it analyses this input and highlights the differences remarkably in a quick, intuitive way. A tool which looks for differences is easily available online and produces extraordinary results in minimum time. These are used by professionals from academic circles mostly. Especially teachers may compare the research papers of many individuals for efficient marking.


Examples of difference checker tools include:

Examdiff Pro

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