What is A CNC Router and How Does It Work?

Modern Day Manufacturing has evolved with arrival of CNC Machines in the field. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which works on the inputs in the form of Computer Aided Design (CAD) which are transformed into sequential program of machine control instructions, and then executed with a tool.

This tool is called CNC Router. It is very similar to the traditional milling machines. The difference between traditional hand router and the CNC Routing is that unlike hand router, CNC Routing works on specific instructions given in the form of numerical control. It offers great advantages in terms of precision and accuracy of the finished parts and adds real value to the laser cutting service. Simply place the design inputs and within less time the desired output is printed.

The main difference in CNC router that really and a CNC mill is the scale. A CNC router can have a machinable area of 60″ X 216″ X 8″.In terms of size, the old age routers utilize a lot of space as they are large. Modern CNC Routers comes in desktop sizes and are much smaller. They can fit on a larger table and much easier to operate.

CNC Routing London is operational in 3 axes and theguiding tool is a drill bit which moves around the desired path and cuts thematerial. A computer program is used for controlling the path. It also sharesthe same age-old methodology in which a rough cut it utilized for cutting outthe initial excess material. Once the major portion is cut, the next paths areused for more precise cuts.

The major parts of a CNC Routing System are as below

  1. Control Software – The software that runs your machine. You need to learn to upload the inputs files and other basics of this software
  2. CAD/CAM Software – To cut the desired parts, it must be drawn with a software called Computer Aided Design Software. The next thing is to define the tool path as per the design. This is done with the Computer Aided Manufacturing Software.
  3. G-Code – Unlike the earlier days, the necessity of learning the G-Code is not essential. But one should know the basic commands. This is the language understood by the router software.
  4. Feed and Speed – Tools need to be guided for having the desired finish of the products. Too fast and too slow speed results in deteriorated output. So the correct input of these parameters is an absolute necessity in CNC Routing.

CNC cutting offers a wide range of application wherein the CNC routing can be used to cut plastic, metal, wood, acrylic and whole list of material. Their most effective usage of CNC Routing is cutting the most precise shapes that are the best suited for industrial application such as creating prototypes.

Also, it is used widely in manufacturing furniture, musical instruments. Using CNC Routing, it has become easier to make custom made designs. It also provides builders and remodelling professionals new capabilities to produce distinctive work. Carving, trim, arches and various architectural forms can be reproduced for remodelling work or created for new designs.

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