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Who is still ironing (everything)? When I hear around me, fewer families are being ironed. Undoubtedly because it is a hassle, or because there is not enough time. For those people there is now a solution for those things that really need to be ironed before you put it on: shirts, blouses, mini clothes, sweaters, draperies and pants where after drying on the clothesline or in the dryer there are still too many wrinkles and creases. Steam ironing device Steamer allows quick to hang a garment and a flexible steam mouth creases steaming from the garment.

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For all fathers and mothers who iron or find that something has to be ironed in or out of the closet, we have tried a new invention in ironing, the Steamer, for you. I myself have learned ironing from my mother and actually (due to lack of time I do not always find it possible), that everything that comes out of the dryer also needs to be ironed. For me, the device was really something to try out as experience experts. The steamer is equipped with a flexible slap with steam mouth (do not hold your hands!) And a long upright (man-sized!) Clothing holder to which the clothes to be ironed can be hung. Hangs the garment and you go with the steam on the fabric of the clothing, then most creases disappear. Because it is true that the more rigid the substance, the more patience is needed, but the result will be very acceptable for most of us.


The device comes with a glove, no unnecessary luxury, put it on, especially when you also use the supplied mini-ironing board to iron necks, pouches, collars etc. equally tightly. There is also a brush head that can be used if, for example, furniture, stair coverings and curtains are to be cleaned and “cleaned”. This set-up brush is also used to iron folds in pants, dresses, etc. by clamping it. This function is called “anti-crease” help in the manual, but it is better to speak of a “folding” help.

Some steamer comes with a rod that you mount on top of the device and on which the clothes can be hung up with clips and hangers and, if desired, pulled tight. I have, after some trying, especially shirts and blouses on the own hanger to place (you have to do anyway and makes two buttons to close and open, and steaming on the own hanger. Trusties, vests, T-shirts, etc. you can quickly drape over the hanger, provided you have the hook on top of the rod, on which also the steam nozzle can be hung, just pick up. You have the problem that you have to put the hose with steam nozzle on the floor.

For those who are selective in ironing, and for example folding things such as handkerchiefs, towels, tea towels, underwear, T-shirts do not iron, it is useful to take the steamer and steam mouth over the folded pieces after folding. It then just shows something tighter in the closet and is more hygienic.

The steam iron is on wheels and is easy to move on the rod (and possibly in the corner of your bedroom or utility room). I think the power cable of 2 meters a bit short, should be at least 5 meters. It was looking for a good place to iron (standing).


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