Nokia N9: Why You Shouldn’t Buy this Device

Nokia released their flagship Nokia N9 in mid-2011. Customers waited for this device for a brief period of time as Nokia announced that it is the first MeeGo powered smartphone. Due to Nokia’s trustworthiness customers were eagerly waiting for it. But if I have to put an honest opinion, I would say that I am frustrated to see Nokia bringing such phones with low specs.

I have used the phone for almost a week now for a fast-hand experience. I will reveal the points that made this phone a stunning one and still why should you not buy the device.

I would suggest you check elsewhere if you are looking for an in-depth hands-on review as this article covers the prominent aspects focusing on the shortcomings of Nokia N9.

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Like other Nokia devices, N9 comes with brilliant hardware, pre-installed applications, and operating system. Although these specifications were enough to call it a top-notch device, unfortunately, all these come with a very high price range. Moreover, it lacks apps in its virtual marketplace.

I have to admit that N9 is one of the fastest, sexiest and user-friendly phones I have ever used. So, what are the reasons why you and I should never waste So why would I and you never waste money buying it?

Firstly, it is too expensive. It costs roughly around $650 and $755 for the 16 GB and 64GB versions excluding taxes. Now it is very high-pricing considering the present scenario. Two years earlier, this price was probably justified though.

Sadly, with this price range now we can get way better smartphones running on IOs and AOs. So, N9 simply loses with its competitors in the price tag.

The second reason for not opting to buy it is more staggering. It seriously lacks apps in Nokia Store as they call it these days. It comes with some common preloaded apps like Skype, Drive, Angry Bird (lite version), Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Accuweather etc. You can install some nice game from the store and Foursquare from the store too.

Unfortunately, that’s all Nokia Store offers you and it is a problem.

Nowadays we can easily have an iPhone or Android phone and install several apps like Yammer app, NYT, WSJ to keep me updated about the changing world. I can install Amazon Kindle to start reading eBooks where ever I want. Moreover, I can install Shazam to buy tunes and download Viber to connect with friends through texting and calling.

Sad but the truth is that Nokia N9 does not have these in its bag. Although Nokia’s CEO informed that they are working on MeeGo to upgrade it to enable it to install and support these facilities of apps. Perhaps, they will do it but surely it will take a huge amount of time. So, again Nokia loses its ground in terms of apps and their applicability in N9.

Now, it makes me sad and puts me in a paradox. The N9 device is so graceful and so smooth working. I really had a heartbreak to put it down in the list. But honestly speaking, I would never recommend anyone close to me to buy Nokia N9 in a world where you are left with far greater choices.




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