Is Domain Authority is The Only Key Factor in SEO? What are the Other Factors

Search Engine Optimization has now become the most effective way of generating organic leads for a business.  The rapid growth of internet users is the major factor due to which businesses are now thinking about online sales and amplification in their online presence through organic SEO. There are various factors that businesses have to keep in mind while developing a perfect strategy to improve their sales via a search engine. Domain Authority is a decisive factor in SEO that enables marketing professionals to make sure the improvement in their product online standing.

“Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority is based on three factors: Age, Popularity, and Size”. Code Boxer


Domain Authority Really Impact SEO

Yes, it’s true that domain authority is among the most important element in SEO. It certifies the age of a domain (measures the life of domain).  As per Google Insights regarding the SEO frameworks; older websites are more likely to achieve SEO score and SEO factors than the new ones. There are also various factors out there other than domain age that affects the SEO positions and standing in a long run.

Website Speed and Load Time

Website speed and load time also impact the overall SEO score of a website. Sites with lower load and images sizes are faster than the other once having loads of images. Pingdom is the most effective tool that web developers use often to access the website/page speed. Load errors are basically the performance errors that have to be tested out at the initial stage of website development through the way of performance testing.

Mobile Sites Friendliness

Smartphones have become the essential part of every human’s living on the earth. If a website is not responsive to the available smartphone devices and platform, then the number of overall users who wants to search it online will be reduced over time. It’s mandatory for the developers to test the responsiveness of a site on available platforms and devices to ensure user’s credibility.

The Meta Info Factor 

Every website is based on various pages. Meta info help SEO professionals and website developers to incorporate user’s oriented titles and tags at the backend of each page and blog to gain maximum visibility. More often, Meta plugins are excessively used by the onsite developers to effectively insert the headings and description that perfectly suits to their website needs. Meta Info is among the most important element of SEO to gain maximum online access over time.

Concluding Paragraph

Search engine optimization is now becoming more and more complex over the years. It’s because of the reason that Google has launched new algorithms over time to cope with the unethical factors including black hat SEO measures. The domain of a website really matters in delivering out the expected results through search engine optimization.

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