10 Web Design Trends You Must Know for 2017

Having a great appealing website is not a piece of cake. The website for being appealing requires creativity and great graphic sense of the web designer. A standard web design depicts your business standards.

For a web designer it is expected to have knowledge of the latest trends in web designing. Let us tell you about top 10 latest trends in web designing:

  1. Responsiveness
  2. Parallax Effect
  3. Animation and GIF’S
  4. Hover Menu
  5. Long scrolling
  6. Live Chat Bar
  7. Background video
  8. Card type presentation
  9. Social Media Linkups
  10. Sliders and Gallery


Responsiveness of a website makes it pixel perfect and it can be open perfectly on PC’s, Tab, Smart Phones or any device. If a website is responsive it doesn’t allow users to navigate and scroll here and there so on getting pixel perfect it has its own version for mobile, tab, PC etc and fits the resolution and size of the screen of these devices.

A website has its own impact if it is responsive and mobile friendly.

Parallax Effect:

A parallax effect is something that enriches the look and feel of your website and works on scrolling up and down of the website. It adds extra 3 dimensional effect to your website that makes it engaging.

If a website is having a Parallax Effect then it means that the User Interface of the website is enhanced which shows that the company is customer oriented.

Animation and GIF’s:

The animation and GIF’s are motion pictures which originated in 90’s but now a day are in latest trend. So if the web designers use such info graphics short duration pictures in their website, it will  add another effect to it and will help in engaging visitors.


Hover Menu:

Hover Menu is one of the latest trends in web designing. This kind of menu is not spread and it only gives the navigation tab once it is clicked or once a mouse is pointed over it.

So it helps in giving the website a clean and simple look without the menu tab or page links on the front.

Long Scrolling:

People generally love a long scrolling website which has it all the information and pages in a single page and user has not to hover on any other page.

A long scrolling 1 page website is preferred rather than having 4 to 5 pages website which takes a lot of time to get loaded from the server side.

Live Chat Bar:

A live chat bar grabs people interest towards the website as people love to take part in the live conversation.

Background Video:

People love to visit attractive website that show off short duration videos in the background of the website using Java Script.

Card Type Presentation:

In a card type presentation, you can display all your menu option and posts in the way pinterest.com represents.

A UI similar to pinterest.com is very much in demand.

Social Media Linkups:

Social media Linkup icons on your website will show your social and brand identity.

Slider and gallery:

The slider and gallery will attract users from everywhere to visit your website. The slider and gallery are self enough to display what kind of service you provide.

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