Black Friday that falls on the last Friday of November every year is a much-awaited holiday by all the people as it provides a huge number of deals and discounts be it on apparels, grocery, electronics, health, beauty, education and all the other products. We await this holiday so much but do you know the history of Black Friday? There is a very interesting story that hides behind the backdrop of black Friday. Let us know about the history that helped us have a day that can help a whole lot of money every year.

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 History of Black Friday?

The black Friday was initially not for the shopping phenomenon but was initially related to a stock market crash. Two men  who have been working in a finance department tried to conjure against the gold market of the USA so that they could make a profit out of it, But unfortunately for them, their evil plot failed and this resulted in the market to crash on September 24, 1869, which became to be known as Black Friday.

There are many other such conspiracies that spiralled about the history of Black Friday. One of them is that in 1939, during the great depression, thanksgiving occurred during the fifth week of November. The retailers of various stores were warned that they would go belly-up because the holiday shopping season that year was too abbreviated. So, all the retailer together failed a petition to the then president Franklin d. Roosevelt to bring up or shift the day of Thanksgiving holiday to the fourth Thursday. Regrettably, by the time the decision was made, it was late October and most of the people had already made their plans. Some were very distressed that they called the holiday “Franks-giving” And in spite of the presidential order, only 32 states followed FDR’s move. The other states were given two holidays, which constrained some companies to give their employees an extra day off and this extra day-off was termed as “Black Friday”.

Why is Black Friday named so?

The Army and Navy college football teams in the 1950s Philadelphia, the Thanksgiving weekend turned out to be a mob scene which was been illustrious for their fierce contention for each year. The day before the rivalry actually happened, thousands of people from surrounding communities that may include the Army or Navy fans from farther would rush into the grounds to witness the game. As they gather around and travel to the far place, they would stock up all the clothes, home goods, and other gift-able items. This led the retailers to give out more offers to attract customers. Many people even sought to rename the day “Big Friday,” into a much more relaxed and happy name but that did not turn out to be fruitful even after various tries to change the name. As retailers grew in numbers and multiplied at a higher rate, merged, and up roots in the suburbs, the term grew out popular and the named got fixed as Black Friday. Unfortunately!

Black Friday Around the World

Black Friday is celebrated in various countries despite the culture, religion and the region’s disparities, though the trend of Black Friday started out in the USA region. Apart from the USA, the Black Friday is celebrated in countries like Romania, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, various other European countries and also many other countries in the world. Black Friday has spread its popularity not only in the retail physicals stores but with the advancement of time, the Black Friday deals and discounts have been crawled into the Cyberworld too. People generally like to travel around to their favourite destinations as there might be a huge discount on the travel tickets, the accommodation rates, etc. With such a huge demand in the favourite holiday or the holiday of shopping, Black Friday is estimated to have a business of more than $1 Billion business in the year 2018 and there is a high chance that this value will increase further the upcoming years.

What deals should I look out for?

There are many offers in many categories like education, automobile, music, electronics, furniture, apparel, health, beauty, technology, etc. Which you may want to decide upon. The sale starts at dawn and the people may sometimes days before the actual sale starts. The Target store in the USA was so crowded that last year that in just a minute, more than 1000 electronics were sold out. The deals also exist in BestBuy, Target, Walmart, GearBest, Banggood, etc. These stores offer discounts in their physical stores as well as the online store. So keep an eye on all the checklist and buy them as soon as possible. Also look at our site for more deals and discounts along with additional benefits to save even more on the day of savings.

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