Quick Dusting Tips: Now Dust like a Pro

You don’t like dusting, Right! No one does! But still, everybody has to do it to ensure cleaning. But here’re a few useful tips that’ll make dusting easier for you.

Nobody likes dusting, but still, you have to do it regularly. When dirt & dust accumulates, it’s hazardous to health. In fact, the dust, allergens, and other particles are float through the home’s air. Be mindful! The dust build-up may even affect your health, especially if you have any allergies. Positive side! Dusting isn’t really a tough chore if you’re on top of it. With the right tools and techniques, you can keep all that dust away, and your home-sweet-home healthy & shiny.

Therefore, experts have suggested a few awesome dusting tips to ensure you spend less time cleaning and more time just enjoying life with your family. So let’s dive in;

Check Tools First!

For dusting, you need to Use tools that can easily grab the dust. You might have a good reason to use a feather duster, but for serious dusting, you should use a microfiber cloth.  It’ll not only grab all the dust but also really super absorbent that ensures streak-free cleaning. In case you’re more inclined towards feather duster, go for a good quality feather duster made with ostrich feathers. Why? Because these dusters are pretty good at grabbing dust having tiny little nodules that can easily hold dust.

For cleaning solutions! Grab a spray bottle, fill it with half-white vinegar & half-water and spray a microfiber cloth. If you want, you can also use the commercial multipurpose spray depending on the surface you’re cleaning.

Dust in the Right Direction

It’s as good as a rule of thumb for you. When cleaning, make sure you go from top to bottom. Start dusting for the highest point and gradually work your way down to the bottom. Since the dust travels from top to bottom, there’s no point to clean the bottom first and heading to the top to let the dust hit just-cleaned bottom. It’s just going to waste your time and effort. So go from top to bottom and then you can vacuum it all at ones.

Electronic Items

Items like DVD players, TV, Stereo equipment, and printers are dust magnets actually. So make sure you unplug all these equipment before cleaning. To get rid of the dust over all these electronic items, gently with a microfiber cloth. Since crevices can’t be tackled with it, you can use a soft brush for that. Make sure you vacuum dust from around cords & vents. This will help keep devices from getting clogged & over-heated.

Dusting Drapes, Curtains and Blinds

In your cleaning process, these must not be neglected. If these items are overlooked, they’ll surely hold up a lot of dust. Make sure you dust and vacuum both sides of the curtains on a weekly basis. While ensuring cleanliness, it’ll keep that dust build-up to a minimum as per experts form the best Dubai cleaning company.

In fact, you can remove a lot of buildup on curtains by simply taking them down & shaking.  To clean blinds, make sure you close it completely and dust horizontally from top to bottom using an ostrich feather duster. Then just Reverse blinds, and repeat the process.


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