Girl stripped before cops, here’s why.

Everyday hundreds of news headlines make it to the viral news section and people come to know the most trending story of the particular day.

Sometimes it is a cute and adorable story and sometimes it’s a devastating article which shakes the belief on humanity itself.

The latest news today

The latest thing which is doing rounds on social media platforms and news channels alike, is the news that talks about a girl stripping in front of the cops. Apparently, a video was uploaded which showed a girl stripping in front of the policemen and quarrelling with them to leave her alone.

At that point, when just one video was uploaded, no one bothered to know what exactly happened and netizens started labelling the girl’s action as publicity stunt. Many even referred her actions to the new #MeToo movement and said that the girl is trying to pump up her modelling career.

What exactly happened?

Soon, the whole story came out and the reason why the girl stripped, started to make some sense. The girl in question uploaded a long post on her Facebook profile and explained the whole case.

When did it all begin?

According to the girl, when she came back to her residential society, she and the security guard got into some kind of fight. It turned out into a physical fight soon and the whole ordeal even got captured on the CCTV camera of the building.

Upset by the whole fight, the girl thought that it would be better if she called the police and get some help from them. Thinking the same thing, she dialled 100 from her cell phone.

Did the police take any action?

Sure, the police arrived. But they did absolutely nothing in terms of helping the girl who had called them in the first place. All they did was, force the girl to come to the police station and lodge a formal complaint against the guard.

Did the girl go to the police station?

No, the girl did not accompany the police officers to the station because there was no lady constable present at the spot. Even the law states that a female cannot be forced to come to the police station after to 6 a.m. in morning, unless there is a lady constable. She put forth the same reason and asked the policemen to let her leave for her apartment.

But the cops seemed to be on the guard’s side, as they stood between the lift doors and obstructed it completely. Meanwhile, someone recorded the entire scene, where the girl is seen crying and pleading with the cops to let her go. And soon, the video became a viral news.

What happened next?

After continuous pleading and crying, the girl became frustrated. She had never expected that the cops she called for help, would work against her and try dragging her forcibly to the police station at 3 in the morning.

She kept on trying to request the officers and say that she would come to the police station the next day, during daytime and file the complaint. But it did not seem to affect the cops at all. All they did was kept asking her why she hit the guard and that she had to come with them now.

At last, she took a desperate measure to strip down in her inner wears so that the men around her would have some shame and would let her leave.

Again, the people around did nothing but watch and one person recorded the whole thing and uploaded it. It a shame that the video has become the trending news today.

In Conclusion:

Mumbai is labelled to be the safest place for girls and this incident question the authenticity of the fact that how safe is Mumbai after all. If the Mumbai cops have this kind of behaviour for the female who had called them for help, god know if a girl, after watching this news, would dial 100 in case of an emergency.

If you were a girl, what would you do in this case?

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