Guian New Area Releases 2017 Blueprint That Emphasizes Big Data Business

GUIYANG, China, Feb. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Guian New Area, a national-level new urban district in China’s southwest Guizhou Province, achieved great strides in 2016 in emerging industries such as big data, laying a solid foundation for further expansion in 2017, and explosive growth over the next five years.

In 2017, Guian’s fixed asset investment is expected to rise 21.9 percent from a year earlier to US$10.9 billion, while actual investment attracted into the New Area is expected to gain 11.1 percent to over US$3.34 billion, creating 30,000 jobs.

As a key engine of growth, the big data business is expected to expand to over US$7.29 billion, and aims to generate US$2.18 billion in both industrial output and sales revenues.

Big Data Eco-system
Guian will improve the infrastructure of the information industry by equipping itself to be a national-level Internet development zone. In addition, it will accelerate the construction of a data-processing center, taking advantage of a strategic partnership between the zone and Alibaba Group.

The Area will launch the Huawei Global Data Center, kick off the second phase of data center projects by China’s top 3 telecom operators, strive to complete the first phase of the Tencent Data Center, and aims to introduce at least two new data centers. With capacity to house over 300,000 servers, the New Area will also develop a national-level supercomputing center, kick off plans for an integrated circuit industrial park, and aims to achieve annual production of over 50 million cellphones.

High-end Equipment Manufacturing
Guian New Area aims to make fresh breakthroughs in high-end equipment manufacturing to realize US$727 million in total industrial output. In terms of concrete projects, Guian New Area aims to basically complete phase one of the FDG New Energy Vehicle project in 2017, with an estimated annual production value of US$4.3 billion, and establish a “hundred-billion-automobiles” eco-park.

Health Care Industry
The zone will also promote the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, with plans to accelerate construction of the Tongji Guian Hospital, complete phase one of the Biotech Industry Town, kick off pharmaceutical logistics projects, and accelerate the setup of an industry platform.

Guian New Area aims to introduce over eight pharmaceutical manufacturers, and at least five medical research and service institutions, aiming to realize an industry value exceeding US$145.6 million.

Green Finance Pilot Zone
Guian New Area will actively set up an innovative pilot zone for green finance, set up the Green Finance Port (phase I), accelerate construction of projects including the Southwestern Food Logistics Town, Home Building Materials City, and Jingang Automobile Culture City of the Future.

Guian New Area will vigorously develop industries including new energy, new materials, civil-military integration, and the high-end service industry.

Guian New Area is located in Southwest China’s Guizhou province, the eighth national-level new area in China.

SOURCE Guian New Area

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