Daily Body Restore Products Now Available on Amazon.com

Daily Body Restore, a company that develops a patent-pending probiotic supplement that helps keep sufficient levels of “good” bacteria in the body, announced its Daily Body Restore® (DBR™) supplement is now available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Daily Body Restore® features a unique combination of probiotics and digestive enzymes that help restore the good bacteria in the digestive system while improving absorption of targeted nutrients, which helps support better overall digestive and immune health. Now that the product is available on Amazon.com, it is more widely available than ever before.

“We are pleased to announce that Daily Body Restore® is now available to customers across the globe on Amazon.com,” said Kim Shafer, founder of Daily Body Restore. “Amazon.com has been an essential tool for a variety of companies in the nutritional products industry, and we believe it will help us to continue to grow our brand’s reach on an international level. We look forward to reaching out to more consumers in need of relief from their digestive and immune problems.”

Daily Body Restore® was developed by Shafer on behalf of her family. They had had health issues that saw improvements when using probiotics and digestive enzymes. However, the existing products that helped their conditions were expensive and required taking a lot of different supplements. Shafer was able to formulate everything she wanted in one supplement without the use of artificial colors, flavors, gluten or dairy.

Digestive enzymes help break down and absorb nutrients we get from our food. In Daily Body Restore®, there are two strains of probiotics (lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) and multiple different species of probiotic strains. The supplement works to add more good bacteria into the small and large intestines to create better balance in the digestive system.

“We strongly believe in Daily Body Restore® and its quality, and believe all people with digestive problems will greatly benefit from it,” said Shafer. “We are excited to be able to reach out to more people than ever through Amazon.com.”

For more information about Daily Body Restore, visit http://www.dailybodyrestore.com.

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