The Correct steps to follow for dry cleaning of your clothes

Dry cleaner should be dispensed as empty as possible to avoid tents and perfumes. Laundry Dubai Marina are used to treat specific stains and may be better to solve.Moderate dry cleaning helps increase the cost of clothing. You can wear six hours before cleaning the wool coat and skirts. Wool should be cleaned once or twice a year. The Correct steps to follow for dry cleaning are as follows:

Read Label

Always check garments and clothing care labels. Care label shows you whether the equipment is to be consumed. Each type of fabric has different features and reacts differently for heat, water and clean shade. All garments are marked as single wash or hand wash

. If an item says “just dry cleaning”, believe it! Separate it in a pile and take dry cleaner.


Sort by color to start the sorting process. The color of white and light can be divided into a pile, and dark clothes should be placed in another pilot. More by dress type. Separate from clothes towels and sheets. T-shirts and jeans separate from shirts or other clothing such as lighter items. Various water temperature and drying bicycles can be used by the type of clothes to clean the equipment. If you do not have enough items to fill the detergent, or if you’re in a hurry, you can wash everything together. However, if you do so, be sure to choose a wash cycle to adjust the best items in the load.

Choose a Detergent

Choose a general purpose detergent. Read the instructions to determine how much detergent you should use. If you see the stains on your clothes, before throwing it in a washing machine, throw it with a little detergent. Always add a drum or dispenser before loading. The detergent system (with a proprietary cleaner) enhances the cleaning power of liquid CO2, allowing it to remove dirt from clothing. After the cleaning cycle, the machine pulls the mixture of liquid CO2 and detergent out of the garment, then cleans and reuses the solution. This method does not require heating the laundry and is therefore gentle to the fabric.

Select the water temperature and rotation of the washing machine

Unless your clothes are heavy pollution or very nasty, washing in cold water can normally meet your needs and prevent more washing clothes. The main exceptions are bed sheets. Bed clothes and towels should be at least once again once again wash the most recommended temperature. If you are concerned about water temperature or circulation, check out the cleaning information tab.

Install the washer

Load items at a washing machine, make sure not to filling the washing machine. Clothes need a place of water transfer, and it will have to stop stuffing items in the washing machine. For special clothes, textile items, textile fabrics and dark safety protection.

Remove Washing Machine

Whenever the cycle ends, remove the wet cloth from the washing machine as soon as possible to prevent burning. If somebody needs to be dry, keep this stuff flat or hanged.

Suspended or folded

After the cycling cycle is completed, immediately suspend or hold every part to stop wrinkles.

Final Inspections

Check your clothes again. Make sure there is no stains. If so, treat them. Empty your pocket and remove the belt or jewelry associated with your clothes.

The final stages of the dry cleaning operation include finishing, pressing, steaming, ironing and performing any necessary repairs to restore the garment. This is the least mysterious process, as most dry cleaners have professional finishing equipment that customers can see.

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