4 Ways to stop being a people pleaser

Many people you meet or might know or may be it is you try to fit in group by changing themselves or their opinions. If you really need people who are good and are there for you then first step is to stop pleasing them and second is to find people who match your level of interacting and connection with and this can only be possible when one presents him or her self as in individual with a differences in perception.

Always remember once you make good friends do take care of them, this is not pleasing but taking care, like remembering their birthdays and ordering delicious mouth-watering cakes from CakenGifts, who have the finest range of cakes with too many options and best cake delivery in Bhavnagar available in the major cities of India and also do same day delivery and midnight delivery.

Well here we present to you the few tip on how to take the following estate step.

  • Detach from other’s opinion

You are who you choose to be and be proud of that do not let anyone influence you too much that you loose your sense of decision making or making up your mind towards something.

There are plenty of situations like during group projects or team work  where everyone should voice out their opinions instead of getting influenced by the others. People who have no such or opinion in matters and just act like sheep are not appreciated much despite being a good worker. Listening to new ideas or opinions also help people to recognise you and your sense of judgement not just that you might find people who share the same thinking or opinions like you and bond well with them instead of pleasing people just to fit in their group.

  • Be Yourself

Everyone’s unique and deserves to have an individuality. By trying to please people just to get into their groups or way of living would only make you no less of a puppet.

There are no leaders or great men or women who tried to say in the shadows of others rather than believing and being their own self. All great minds were mocked because of having a difference in opinion and not being a people pleaser but World, the people remember only the ones who stood up for their opinions and created history and not the one who just readily agreed to anything and everything fed to them.

  • Learn to say No

Always agreeing with people is no fun moreover people start considering you less.

Like imagine your friends are planning an outing or somewhere to hang out but they do not ask you knowing you are comfortable with almost everything and are there just to say yes also you re available to all times so calling you last time won’t be a problem.

Their where people start considering you less important. So learn to say NO, there is no need to attend everything just to be people pleaser.

  • Best friend time

Many people start being a people pleaser so as to fit in and find friends in them. Well of this is you then please take advice and stop trying to make friends by loading yourself.

The friends you make by pleasing are of no use or won’t be there when you need them. So first start loving yourself, your opinion and enjoy cake online in Bhubaneswar your decisions and be confident in yourself by making a good relationship with one’s own self. Be your own best friend. Secondly, voice your opinions out and stop being a people pleaser.

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