10 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Galvanic Facial

If you haven’t yet heard of the best facial in Northern Virginia that is the Galvanic facial technique, after reading this you will want to try it immediately. The issue of skin care has become a trend in recent years, and that is what we all want to have porcelain skin and look fantastic at any age. Facials or deep cleansings are of utmost importance to achieve results of freshness, rejuvenation, elimination of dark spots and even to keep wrinkles at bay. Galvanic facial periodically allows exfoliation and eliminates impurities while stimulating the creation of new cells that will leave the skin smoother and more luminous.

The main benefits of Galvanic facial are antiaging, removing blackheads, regulating acne, not to mention, better oxygenation of the skin. Although daily washing your skin with water, neutral soap and applying moisturizing products favors your skin, the truth is that there are technologies that will undoubtedly make your face look younger in seconds. The new beauty fad is the galvanic facial which is done using a machine that together with the gels and the galvanic currents help to fight the small cutaneous problems from the root.

What are Galvanic currents?

This technology has a constant flow of energy. It is superior to the ionic and molecular forces without polarity changes. These currents perform an extra deep cleaning, combating the excess fat and allowing the penetration of the conductive gels effectively.

How is it done?

First of all, you should know that estheticians created a portable machine that will give you all the benefits of galvanic currents wherever you are. To use it, you need formula –patented special gels that will access your skin deeply without any pain. Galvanic currents have therapeutic use in the case of severe muscle contractions or facial or other paralysis. It also improves and tones our skin. It is a type of continuous current, with uninterrupted flow of electrons that always to circulate in the same direction.

Techniques used to apply the galvanic current:

•    Iontophoresis: It is based on the principle subjected to an electric current. The ions migrate according to their polarity. This technique is based on the rejection of ions of the same polarity as the electrode.

•    Ionization: Ionization is a technique for the introduction or penetration of a cream or gel with polarity by a galvanic current. The therapeutic agent is the introduced substance, and the galvanic current serves as transport.

•    Desincrustation: The descaling is the use of galvanic current to perform a deep cleaning of excess fat.

Benefits obtained from the galvanic current:

1.    Boosts blood flow

One of the main advantages of a galvanic facial treatment is the improvement of blood flow and circulation in the treated area. The galvanic facial technique increases the effectiveness of the products used during the procedure and provides a high level of nutrition to the skin.

2.    Skin tightening

Galvanic facial reducing the appearance of wrinkles and tightening the skin of the face is possible with devices and products of advanced technology, such as those of a galvanic treatment.

3.    Skin detoxification

Galvanic facials deeply cleanse the skin full of impurities that can be the real cause of dull and lifeless skin.

4.    Removes encapsulated impurities

This process occurs when the negatively charged ions attract and encapsulate the toxins, preparing them to be eliminated. The second phase of the treatment removes the encapsulated impurities from the skin by drawing them with a positive charge.

5.    Deeper penetration of skin care products

Thanks to the current and the positive charge of the galvanic product, the anti-ageing ingredients in the treatment gels penetrate deep into your skin and work intensely to outbreak and neutralize free radicals.

6.    Reduces wrinkles

Galvanic facial treatment regularly applied at home rejuvenates mature skin and helps reduce the lines present by stretching and lightening the skin.

7.    Younger skin

Galvanic facial produces a youthful skin as well as promote active cell health, helping to prevent radical damage and premature ageing.

8.    Advanced oxidation of skin

To improve our health and our beauty, we use this aesthetic Galvanic facial equipment with different modes and methods or foundations to create actions through vasodilation and hyperemia, the sensation of sedation and even muscle contraction. Increasing skin microcirculation, boosting metabolism, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to tissues and cells, strengthening metabolism, and regeneration of the damaged skin.

9.    Removes facial flaccidity

When our skin has a decrease in lipids, and it is dry, we use pH balancing substances to recover the mantle of the skin that protects it and keeps it healthy. Galvanic facial uses products that contain elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid to eliminate facial flab and hydrate the skin. With this treatment, vitamins and minerals give freshness and bright skin color, depigmenting of spots, marks or scars.

10.    Get rid of dark spots, wrinkles, sagging skin

The cells of our body, especially those of the facial area, fade due to so stubborn sun exposure, wind and other atmospheric means, and abrupt temperature changes. To ensure nutrition to our dermis, which is the second layer of our skin-  our goal to treat is by applying the nutrients through galvanic currents. It works through ionization or descaling. The current alters the membrane potential of the dermis making it permeable to the product what are we going to apply.

How often should it be done?

It will be enough to perform the ritual three times a week. The benefits reflect when you are persistently taking the treatment and following the steps. The Galvanic facial works with basic principles of physics, like the magnetic poles- the opposite attracts. The products contain key ingredients that carry a positive or negative charge, and the facial device is also programmed to give the same load as the product.

In this way, during the galvanic treatment, the polarity of the direct current (positive or negative flow) pushes into the skin or repels out charged molecules, as we move the instrument gently through the skin, acting on the epidermis and facilitating a thorough cleaning of the pores with the absorption of the key ingredients.

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