Men’s Skin Care – What the Regular Guy Should Know

You consider yourself a regular guy and now that you have decided to improve your appearance using men’s skin care products you are wondering if there is anything that you should know and whether there are any pitfalls that you should look out for. First of all congratulations – you are now in a select group of men who are gaining all sorts of advantages by taking better care of their appearance. You will be able to get a job faster, it will be easier to get a promotion and when it comes to the ladies you will be right there at the top.

It is okay to be anxious about using men’s grooming products for the first time. It is not a very common practice among men to groom themselves and those who do are sometimes regarded as fops or dandies. This shouldn’t discourage you – more and more men have realized the value of a great appearance and today there are skincare brands that are dedicated entirely to men. Before you get started here is what you ought to know.

  • Buying the right products matters – you will find all sorts of makeup and skin care products for men in the market today but don’t be in a rush to choose. Start by understanding your own skin – is it dry or oily and does it need any special care? Some of the brands are also cheap usually because they are not expertly formulated. You are better off spending a bit more money on a more expensive and reliable brand as it will do wonders for your skin every day.
  • Get an expert opinion – this is not to say that you should pay a skin specialist to look at your skin and recommend products. There are women in your life who know how to do their makeup perfectly every day and they can furnish you with tips and information that you may never be able to find anywhere else. Before you splurge on products talk to your mother, wife, sister, girlfriend about what they think the best makeup for you would be.
  • Understand basic skin care – perfect grooming is about more than putting on makeup every morning. Your skin has to be healthy and radiant for that makeup to look good. You need a skin care routine that cleanses, tones and moisturises so that when you wear makeup it stays on and looks good. You should also exfoliate on a regular basis and make sure that you never sleep with any makeup on.
  • Understand your skin colour and tone in order to get the shades right – getting the right shade of makeup is just as important s getting the right brand. If your makeup is too light you will look pasty and if it is too dark you will look swarthy.

Lastly, stick to the same brand – if you find a men’s makeup brand that works for you stick with it unless you can find something better.

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