Nutrients are very essential to help maintain the body. Nutrients are classified as micro and macronutrients. The micronutrients are needed in relatively lesser amount when brought into comparison with ‘’macronutrients’’. However, these nutrients are so important or essential, that if the body does not consume them, it can develop numerous different deficiency diseases.
On the other hand, the macronutrients are taken in a relatively larger quantity and amount. And they are equally as important as micronutrients.

The nutrients help grow, repair and strengthen the body in numerous ways. Macronutrients include proteins, carbohydrates and etc. Micronutrients on the other hand include the vitamins.

The doctor always advise their patients to have a balanced diet. Now, many fail to understand what ‘’a balanced diet’’ is.
A balanced diet is the one which contains all the essential nutrients in the right amounts. All the important nutrients without which, the body will have certain deficiencies and will not perform the functions properly. A balanced diet contains everything in the ‘’right proportion’’.

A balanced diet is important mainly because if the person has some internal deficiency, no supplements can cure it until the person consumes the natural sources of those nutrients. Internal deficiencies are extremely dangerous because they can cause different diseases and can also make the skin look dead.

Some of the very essential nutrients and how they help the body is listed below.

1- Proteins.
Obviously, proteins are extremely essential for the body. Proteins basically help in making up and strengthening the muscles. Moreover, proteins act as enzymes and act as catalysts, speeding up the reaction. Proteins are made out of amino acids which are also referred to as ‘’the building blocks’’ of proteins. Amino acids can also be classified to essential and non-essential amino acids.
Some rich sources of proteins are, eggs, milk, beans and many more.

2- Potassium.
If you have blood pressure issues, then you must consume foods which are rich in potassium or are packed with it. Potassium is very helpful to maintain the blood pressure and different fluids in the body. Potassium also adjusts the pH levels in forms, suitable for the body. Potassium is also suitable for the health of heart. Some sources of potassium are avocadoes, bananas and etc.

3- Calcium.
You might have heard your grandparents telling you to drink milk and consume dairy products mainly because they are rich in calcium.
Calcium is your bone’s best friend. It makes the bones stronger. It also helps in efficient blood flow and muscle contraction. And obviously, milk, cheese, butter are the richest sources.

4- Carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates are further divided into monosaccharide, oligosaccharide and polysaccharide depending upon the carbon units which they produce upon hydrolysis.
Carbohydrates are known as fuel for the body. This is because carbohydrates are broken down to glucose which help in functioning of the body.
All the fruits and vegetables are packed with carbohydrates.

5- Sodium.
If you want to take sodium into your body, then you must go for foods such as meat, vegetables, nuts and etc. these foods have a very high content of sodium present in them.
Sodium benefits the body by stimulating the nerves and muscles. Your muscles are working just because of the presence of sodium in your diet.

6- Water.
YES, water is also considered as a nutrient. Is it surprising?
Well, it must be for some. But let’s just say this, water is the most vital nutrient for the body. You might be able to survive for weeks without food, but without water, it becomes almost impossible.
Water helps making the brain and body active. It helps remove all the toxic substances which are present in your body. Moreover, water hydrates the body and helps prevent constipation.

7- Fats.
Fat is a booster for energy. Fats help in growth. Fats on the daily basis, provide the essential nutrients for the body. They provide layers for the insulation of the body.

8- Vitamin C.
Scurvy is a very famous and common disease. This diseases is probably caused if one does not consume in adequate amounts of vitamin C in their diets. Vitamin C is also known for the production of enzymes. Moreover, tissue repair is also done through vitamin C.
Vitamin C comes from all the citrusy fruits.

9- Vitamin D.
There are numerous reasons due to which vitamin D is famous. Vitamin D helps in the efficient absorption of calcium into the body. It acts as a dietary fiber preventing constipation. Cell growth is also done by this vitamin.
Vitamin D is very important for the skin and it is said that when the sun’s rays hit the skin, they produce vitamin D.

10- Vitamin A.
Last but not in any means, the least. Vitamin A is considered as one of the most ‘’essential’’ nutrient for the body. This vitamin is also on top of all the other vitamins. This is because vitamin A is very important for the eyes and vision and for the healthy growth of nails, hair and strengthening of the skin. Vitamin A is also very essential for making the immune system stronger. Vitamin A is present in vegetables.

You can even calculate the amount of nutrient intake of yours and the standard nutrient intake of yours through this very easy and simple to use calculator. The basic interface of this calculator has been given below.

The starting point of your weight loss is the calculation of your nutrient intake. So this calculate, requires your gender, your age, your goal to be maintained, your height and weight, and also the meals that you take per day.
This calculator also requires the information of what your activity level is because your nutrient calculation in one way or the other is even related to your activity level. You also have to put into the calculator the information of your protein adjustment. Either it is low, normal or high. With all the information, you can calculate your required and desired value.

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