Top 4 Reasons that Make Maroon the Best Color for the Upcoming Prom Season

If you have been thinking that burgundy and maroon are the same, you could not have been more wrong. Maroon is darker and duskier than burgundy, it is more of a brownish-red shade. You can take blue or violet crayon and mix it with red to get the perfect maroon, named after French chestnut. As prom is one of the most colorful events in your life, every confident girl should put on a maroon dress to enhance their beauty and creativity with ambitious thoughts.

The color is often associated with increased heart rate and blood pressure. Now wouldn’t you want your crush to feel all these emotions at the same time (of course, in a very positive way!)? The moment your prom partner comes to take you, one glimpse of you in the long sleeve maroon evening lace gown is sure to make him swoon. But, why choose a maroon backless A-line dress over a black or pink dress?

Being slightly different from crimson, maroon is a more powerful shade. In case, you are not sure whether maroon prom dresses can wake up your inner fashionista, take a look at the following reasons.

Maroon Says a Lot about You

For ages, people noticed maroon as ‘dark red’. It might have been linked to wild nature in the past but it works as an authoritative color now. Keeping the interesting history of maroon, the color indicates how generous and likable a person is. It suits anyone has come a long way to enjoy the true essence of life. In addition to the context, the shade is of growth and maturity. And, to mark the transition between adolescent and adulthood, no color could have been more appropriate.

Suitable for Different Skin Tones

Maroon is the perfect color for any olive skin or ivory skin lovely. If you have a medium skin tone turning red under the sun, the warm complexion can go well with maroon. However, people with cool skin tone can sport a heavily beaded long evening dress. The blue undertone of this shade looks seductive on anyone with cool skin tone. As maroon is one of the passionate colors in the palette, let the color absorb your skin and make you glow. Moreover, the bold shade is a decent selection for anyone with any skin tone. And when you are wearing the gown, you can feel alive. Your eyes will sparkle.

Endless Dress Styles to Choose from

Maroon assures the seal of subtlety, sophistication, and versatile. Many working professionals choose the color for office but it is very in for any kind of party. Especially, when you are attending the first formal event of your life, prom, maroon makes a good choice. Give out a tantalizing vibe with an off-shoulder A-line evening gown or V-neck side slit long dress effortlessly. There are even chances to show off ample bosom with a simple halter neck featuring lacework.

Gold Jewelry to Bring Contrast

If you are going with a backless dress with a slight illusion of A-line design, the addition of gold jewelry to your cocktail attire can complement the look. A charming gold-colored bracelet works as an add-on to charm your partner and make the conversations pretty memorable. Additionally, a simple neckpiece having a ring in the middle of the chain would be something unique to try. Make sure, the stone of the ring is of faux ruby. In this way, the whole accessory can match with the dress shade, as well.

In case, you are convinced about how maroon would look on you, you still can move to other shades of red. The unbelievable online collection of rose gold bridesmaid dressesis always there to save you.

Author bio: Amanda Jones, a fashion enthusiast with various articles on how to accessorize with rose gold bridesmaid dresses and look simply beautiful. Here, she mentions 4 reasons why maroon prom dresseshave been ruling the market this year.


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