How to get rid of fleas on your clothes

Fleas are commonly found in furry animals that act as the host or the blood feeding source of those dark brown tiny insects. They could parasite on pets and get in the house, hiding somewhere under carpets, rugs, sofas or shady moist corners. They will become such a discomfort or nuisance for their terribly itchy bites if you get bitten. And to make things worse,  they can transmit serious diseases such as typhus or plague. If you are the type of persons who are allergic to those insects, their bites may cause you to experience skin infection or raised blister. It is no doubt that fleas will do more harm than good to you and your family and wherever they are present in your house, you’ve got to get rid of them. Fleas do not often take refuge on clothes, but somehow you may have your clothes infested with fleas if your house or your pets are also with them. Should you want to know how to remove fleas off your clothes, just keep reading.

Clothes washing

As soon as you find out that your clothes are with fleas, the idea of washing them will spring up right away. Adult fleas that are witnessed on clothes may represent only 10% of the flea population. The rest 90% are in the form of eggs or larvae and you have to kill them all together so that they will have no chance of developing into mature ones. Bleaching clothes or washing them at high temperature are the most effective ways to remove all fleas from your clothes.

However, not all types of clothes can stand such intense washing. For more sensitive or tender clothes, you may need to apply detergents that integrate antimicrobial action, pine oil, and other phenolic disinfectants. Top loading washing machine will require 1 cup of this while front loading one may compromise with ½ cup. Check out the types of your clothes and washing machine to decide on the measure for proper washing.

Integrated flea treatment

Washing flea infested clothes alone may not help to definitely eradicate fleas while the surrounding stuff or the house is still full of the insects and their offspring. Thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming the house as a whole, including carpets, rugs, pet beddings, curtains, or sofas to get rid of fleas. There would be no points in getting rid of fleas on clothes when you do not try to get rid of fleas in your house. The reason is simple: in the house, hiding fleas will soon find a way to approach your clothes whether it is accidental or intentional.

If the house is heavily infested, flea fogger, flea spray or pesticides can be used to control them. However, try to fight fleas with non-toxic measures such as flea traps, DE, salt, or herbal oil. These remedies may not kill all fleas with one treatment but require a repetitive application. Playing with a pet, which infested with fleas can also result in fleas clinging to your clothes. Therefore, you have got to treat fleas on your pet as well with a flea comb or flea shampoo. Be patient to cure your pets with the methods as it will take time to see the final goal of completely removing the blood sucking parasites.

To sum up

Dealing with fleas indoors or outdoors requires a certain amount of time and effort. It is best, therefore, to prevent them from emerging and disturbing you and your family rather than spending resources getting rid of them. However, what matters is you need to take action right when noticing any fleas around whether they are in carpets, rugs, beds or clothes. The reason is that fleas lay eggs every day and their population will multiply at a drastic rate. If you delay in treating them, you may incur higher costs of treatment and more importantly, your life could be interfered with badly.

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