Safety Advice for Chimney Fires at Peak Season

As the cool spell grips all over the country, the fire service department taken care of immediately controlling fires in several locations. Officers are actually urging householders to use extra precautions if indeed they use an open fire or burner.

The top known reasons for chimney fires is either the chimney flues haven’t been swept regularly enough or the incorrect type of burning wood or fuel has been burnt.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service official Gary Crone, from Killington, said: “January to March is our peak time for chimney fires now marks the beginning of our Chimney Flames Prevention campaign for this year.”

Another official, Crew Manager, Paul Burder of Braintree Fire Station told: “Situations such as this show how important it is to take a little extra precautions if you are using an open flame or burner.

Essex County Fire and Rescue given the following safeness advice:

  • Have your chimney swept at least one time a year, or even more frequently if you burn wood. (Always utilize a reliable chimney sweep who’s able to supply you with a certificate after conclusion of their work.)
  • Only use appropriate fuels. Using the incorrect type of fuel on the liner will certainly reduce the life span of the liner significantly credited to increased corrosion.
  • Avoid burning up resinous woods as soot accumulates quickly. Suited seasoned timber can be used in all sturdy fuel stoves.
  • Usually do not stack fires too much and be sure you let them shed down prior to you go to sleep.
  • Use a fireplace or spark shield.
  • Usually do not place things on or higher the mantle-piece which might make you stands too near the fire to attain or utilize them.
  • Check your chimney regularly – especially in the roofing space – to ensure that it’s sensible and that sparks or fumes cannot get away through breaks or busted bricks.
  • The fire service also reminded people the value of experiencing working smoke alarms fitted.

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