How Do Bug Zappers Work on Mosquitoes

The spring is coming near and you must be planning to arrange either get-togethers or mini picnics in your outdoor. As you get yourself ready, so is the mosquito. When you will be enjoying your meal with friends and family, mosquitos will be enjoying your meal and blood. So, how to get rid of these? Easy and simple; use a Bug Zapper. Hang it in your outdoor and it will kill every mosquito with its amazing work on them.

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A bug zapper, also known as electronic insect-control system, allures mosquitos and kill them. In this article, I would make you familiar how bug zapper works so efficiently on mosquitos. At first it is essential to know about the parts of a bug zapper to realize how it works. A bug zapper basically contains-

  • Housing – The exterior casting usually made of It holds the parts of the bug zapper. Normally it is shaped like a lantern.
  • Light Bulb – It attracts the mosquito and other insects. It is usually a fluorescent light made of neon, mercury or
  • Wire Grid – It surrounds the light bulb and are usually two in number. It is also known as grid mesh.
  • Transformer – It transforms electric volt (V). Generally, it transforms 120(V) to 2000(V) to kill the mosquitos.


The fluorescent light used in bug zappers emit ultra-violet light to attract mosquitos and other insects. Mosquitos are normally thought to be attracted by ultra-violet lights. As tit sees the light, it flies like a zambo fighter plane towards the bug zapper. When it reaches near the bug zapper, it automatically enters into the small space provided between wire or mash grid. The gap is small enough to fit a mosquito. As the mosquito tries to get closer to the light, it fills this tiny gap and completes the electric circuit. Then the transformer transforms 120(V) electricity to 2000(V) or more to electrify the mosquito. No sooner had the mosquito gets electrified; bug zapper’s high electric power vaporizes it. You might hear, a ‘zzz’ or ‘zeez’ like sound whenever this happens. In this way, a bug zapper might kill thousands of mosquitos in a single evening.

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Some bug zappers nowadays use a small stream of carbon dioxide and octenol together to attract mosquitos.  The mosquitos smell the carbon dioxide and flies to the mixture. Then it gets trapped in the net and ultimately dies with a few moments. This type of bug zapper uses propane instead of electricity. So, it is safe for the kids too as there is no chance of getting electric shock too.


Many people argue that bug cappers are not efficient to kill mosquitos. The reality is that, bug zapper makes no discrimination while killing bugs. Earlier, electronic bug zappers attracted less mosquitos but with the advent of propane-based bug zappers, your only option to kill mosquitos is bug zapper. With every passing days bug zappers are improving their quality and functional ability to attract more and more mosquitos to it and eventually killing them to provide you a healthier life.

Mosquitos carry a great deal of germs and contaminate our environment. It often carries outmalaria, dengue, and other harmful diseases. So, a bug zapper with its amazing working ability on mosquitos is the ultimate option for you to get rid of these tiny little mosquitos to provide a healthier surrounding around you and your loved ones. Hail to thee, bug zapper!

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