5 Great Ways to Clean Stove and Countertops

Naveed Ganatra

Believe it or not, our countertops and stovetops do harbor remnants of every meal we make. And honestly, this can also be annoying for you to get stuck with this endless cleaning chore even if it’s just a daily wipe down. Moreover, the stovetops are extremely difficult to deal with when it comes to cleaning. Keeping these in mind, we’ve come up with 5 amazing ways that will help you get done with stovetop and countertop cleaning easily. So let’s dive in;


First of all, ammonia doesn’t happen to be the ideal for cleaning everything. But there’s nothing better than this when it comes to getting rid of stubborn grime on burners. In fact, it doesn’t require much effort. There is quite less work for you. Put the removable burners in a zipper bag, add ammonia in it and seal. Leave this for over a night. The next day, you are supposed to rinse them off & flicker on their shine.

Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda

This is an amazingly effective solution that helps you get rid of the most stubborn stains from the stovetop. Why the stove is being emphasized the most is because this place happens to deal with the hottest version of your food drips that are easy to settle.

First of all, just brush and scrape off any debris you see on the surface. For that, you are supposed to sprinkle some baking soda and drizzle with the peroxide. You’ll find it fizzing and break down the gunk & grime. Once you’re done with that, simply rinse & dry.

Boiling Water

Trust me, it’s a great friend when you have no commercial products around, but you need to clean the stovetop quickly. Try boiling some water. Pour the boiling water over dirty surfaces carefully. Let it sit until it cools. Even the toughest stain will wipe away.

Most probably, you won’t need to put in too much effort. But if the stains are too stubborn, just grab soap on a sponge and scrub it a little bit.

Baking Soda and Lemon

As per the professional housemaid services in UAE, lemons are known to have natural grease cutting attributes. On the other side, baking soda is known to have natural antibacterial properties.

Moreover, it also has fine particles that help in removing baked-on stains. SO how you deal with the stains on your stovetop?

Sprinkle some baking soda on it, rub the surface with a slice of lemon. You’ll need to get rid of baking soda and lemon pulp remnants after that. Use a damp cloth for that.

Dish Soap and Baking Soda

This is indeed an amazing combination when it comes to cleaning the stovetop as well as the countertop. Here’s what you need to do; just combine the equal parts of dish soap and baking soda in a bowl. Mix well until it creates a slightly foamy texture. Then, just apply it to drip pans.

To loosen up the grime, scrub down on the pans. It’s time to transfer the drip pans to zipper-top bags and let it be there for about an hour. Move the pans from the bags & scrub the gunk away.


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