Why Marketers Need To Be More Creative With TV Commercials

Marketers have radically reduced spending on ads on National Television in the past few years and this is giving the industry nightmares! In the era of Netflix and Prime, people are happier to consume ad-free content, giving them a glitch-free entertainment experience. But can you blame them when there is a never-ending noise of glitzy commercials on the television? You skim through the television; you are subjected to numerous ads leaving with you with no choice but to skip them. In this fast-paced life, nobody has the time to sit through the commercial breaks. This is putting pressure on the big brands and TV networks to come up with creative solutions for commercials which will surely grab viewer’s attention. Better creative concepts are required to capture the consumer’s mindshare. This is where TV commercial production companies come into play to add value to daily commercials.

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Short Format Ads Are Rising in Popularity!

This is an era of conveying more with less. With too much competition and inflow of commercials, marketers needs to come up with short duration ads and creative concepts – the ones which are 20 seconds or under are the best! Telling a compelling, engaging story in 20 seconds can sound like a challenge to you! But remember that TV ads are a vital part of the overall viewing experience and today’s customer wants shorter ads. Most TV commercial production companies do not suggest businesses to run long format ads which may seem like impractical and indulgent to the viewers. Advertisers will have to work with great finesse along with TV commercial production houses to create effective ads and target their audience. Not just this, they need to be smart about their ad placement, playing their ads during the right programs and time slots to reach out to the relevant audience.

Brands and marketers must realize that a simple story told well and creativity can make a deep and emotional impact. When a lot of elements come into play in a TV ad, it will leave the users perplexed and bored! Marketers need to keep this in mind that viewers are there to watch the sitcom or TV content, so the relevance of the commercial with the main program is inevitable.

Also, when a consumer is hit with more than 5,000 messages during the day, it becomes tough to cut through the competition and create an everlasting impression than a transient one. Advertisers should be wary of this fact when they finalize their TV commercial with a film production house.

Consumers Expect Lighter Ad Loads and Less Interruptions!

Consumers are demanding lighter ad loads and less ad interruptions in the form of ads and thus they usually choose to change channels to avoid watching TV ads while watching their favorite shows. It has become increasingly important for marketers to respond in a smart way! 21st Century Fox’s FX, for example, wants to shrink the ad time on its channels to two minutes of advertising per hour. The positive side is that the amount of attention that consumers are expected to give to ads, is a predictable thing and marketers can plan their ad locations/devices accordingly. For instance, people in the cinema tend to pay high attention to product ads and trailers. On the other hand, people who watch TV with a laptop on their lap tend to pay less attention. If consumers are young and also have a mobile phone by their side, then they pay even less attention. Therefore, the best way to surpass all those distracting elements while your ad is being played depends on the place or location where viewers will be exposed to these ads.

How TV Networks Are Helping Out

TV commercials are the financial backbone of TV networks. Billions of dollars flow into television programming thanks to commercials and ads. To keep this inflow of finances, network owners and producers are ready to blend commercial with TV content. With the help of technology, marketers can strategically club their ads with the right programs for the right audience.

Get Popular TV Actors!

In the times when people are paying for multiple subscription channels that run ad-free, it is going to be a mammoth challenge to keep up with TV Commercials. An idea that can be employed is to get popular TV actors to do the commercials, helping the audience relate to the ads. Having these small screen celebrities market for various brands will also increase the authenticity of the products. Marketers can leverage on the bond and familiarity that the viewers have with the celebs.

Targeted Content

Marketers need to create tailored messages for different sets of the target audience. Instead of playing the same ads, they need to come up with targeted content with an ad for each subset. Analysing the audience data and understanding their tastes is vital to create impactful ads that can actually bring them into action. With tremendous support and help from the best TV commercial production companies, the same can be successfully achieved.

Gone are those days when brands could pay a certain amount and run their ads any time and during any slot. If marketers want their TV commercials to be effective, there is a need to be a creative as well as proactive to bring a strategic revolution. This will ensure a better future for TV ads.

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