Passenger Experiences in Airport – Things You Need to Know


Airports play an important role in a country’s economy nowadays especially its contribution towards the tourism industry of a nation. Due to this, passengers are considered the most important component of airports and the focus of airport management. The approach is to employ the best solutions to improve a passenger’s airport experience.

So, airport managements are taking proactive actions by employing sustainable solutions to enhance the overall experiences of passengers during the processing periods. The better the passenger experience is the better will be the income for the airport management.

To a passenger, a pleasant and remarkable experience in an airport will mark repeat visits. Furthermore, a more efficient and passenger friendly airport will escalates their expectations and overall experiences.

Processing Periods

Processing periods of passenger forms the main aspect of passenger’s experience and it involves check-in, security, customs, baggage claim, and boarding and disembarks. A passenger focused robust innovative solutions to support and improve passenger’s experience starting from the entrance of the airport until boarding/disembark a plane is a boon to airports that wishes to maintain or improve their income.

The experience of a passenger can be affected when the passenger progress through the airport and its various processing stage. So, the rationale of a sustainable solution is to improve the passenger experience at the airport terminal and win the passenger loyalty where profits can be improved.

Passenger Focused

Airports sources of income are airlines and passengers with a significant shift where today airports receive their largest part of their income from passengers-related sources such as tickets and sales compared to airline sources such as leases and landing fees.

It is important during this period of growth in tourism that passengers are satisfied with their experience at airports.

Check In Solution

Although check-in is the responsibility of airlines, airports also plays a role by making sure trolleys are available at all major points where passengers shouldn’t have a hard time in finding one. Furthermore the availability of trolley is seen by passenger as a good indicator of how well an airport is taking care of them which will directly affect passenger experiences in airport.

Security Solution

To ensure a smooth passenger experiences, airports are using baggage tracking system that improves airport security and expedite the retrieval of luggage that belongs to a suspected passenger that assumed to pose a threat to the safe flight of an airplane.

Intelligent Airports

As stated above, new technologies are complex but are the only way where passenger experiences in airport can be increased. It is imperial for airports to use solutions with many interactions that simplify and speed up collaboration within aviation communities and manage a complete ecosystem to make sure the efficient running of the airport.

The bottom line is airports must be able to improve the passenger experience by managing passenger movement at the airport, optimize operations at the processing domains and implement better emergency communications which will positively affect traveler experience.

Next, airlines also must effectively provide a hassle-free holistic passenger experience by depending on infrastructure such as asset tracking, live information sharing, passenger tracking and self-service check in which it will specifically measure the quality of passenger’s experience. This will ensure an overall smoother flow of passenger.

Apart from that, passengers also can get satisfied with real-time updates about estimated waiting time at security lines, locations of specific check-in counters gates, or luggage belts which will decrease the level of frustration, irritation and dissatisfaction. This will immediately enable better connectivity between people and enhance passenger experience. The benefits of technology improve the passenger experience.


Technology is the main solution to improve processing at airports resulting in passenger experiences. When a customer is satisfied with the general experiences, it will lead to loyalty and results in increase sales and profitability. By ensuring passenger seamless experiences, airports can make sure that passengers continue to return to airports. The lack of implementation of solutions will reduce the possibilities of passengers return visits. In a wider perspective, this will be a threat to both a city and country’s economic growth and sustainability which is not acceptable.


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