Give Your Shower Makeover with Replacement Shower Screen Seal

If you are looking to give your shower or bathroom a makeover, one of the quick wins is to replace things like shower screen seals and other perishables.

After a few years, mildew, mould and limescale take their toll on rubber seals, and can make your shower cubicle or bath with shower screen look dirty even after you have thoroughly cleaned them.

The answer is to replace these seals with brand new ones, and it needn’t cost you a fortune. If you can find the right replacement, it makes such an improvement to the overall look of the room!

Where do you look though for a new one though? If you go to a DIY store or a local plumber, you might strike it lucky and find your seal, but the chances are they won’t have the exact right one as there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different seal shapes and sizes.

Your best chance is to look for a specialist online shop which often have a very large range, and give you a wide choice  to match yours up with. Some of them even offer a matching service where you can cut off a small sample of your old shower screen seal to send to them and they will find the seal for you and send you back a link so that you can buy it and have it delivered within a couple of days.

They key thing is to look at the shape of your seal, measure the length of it (they are usually around 900mm long, but yours may be shorter or longer – up to 2 metres in some cases) and take any other key measurements such as fin length.

The best specialist online shops also offer a service for you to send in a photograph of your shower screen seal (taken from the end so that they can see the cross-sectional shape of it).

If you find a similar looking seal on their website, the other key thing is to take careful measurements with a ruler to see how deep things like the “fins” are, and also measure how thick your door glass is – is is  usually between 4mm and 10mm thick,

Some very specialist doors are made out of curved glass, and in that case you will need a special seal that either is able to curve with the glass, or is “pre-curved”. Again, it is important to share pictures or a “tracing” of the curve to send to the specialist as this will help them to find the exact shower door seal for you and in some cases actually curve the seal for you.

Most shower screen seals are able to be cut to the correct length relatively easily with a sharp stanley knife, but if you are not confident of doing this yourself, you can ask the better specialist services to cut your seal to a specific length for you for a small additional fee.

The last piece of advice we would give is that when you are fitting your new shower seal, it often makes it easier to get the seal on to the glass if you apply a little bit of washing up liquid, or other liquid detergent to the rubber before pressing it on to the glass.

Good luck in your search, and we are sure you will be pleased with the results of such an easy replacement. It is like getting new windscreen wipers on your car – simple but satisfying!


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