Australian Labradoodle- The Unique Breed

The Labradoodle is a unique dog, a relatively new breed with a fascinating history that begins in Australia. Wally Conrad took the Australian Labradoodles breed for the Royal Guide Dogs in Victoria, Australia. It is said that the dog that originated the race was called Sultan and was accepted as a guide dog for a non-clairvoyant woman who lived in Hawaii whose husband was allergic to animal hair in 1989. The goal was to breed a breed of dog that is “Allergy and Asthma friendly” with the temperament of a service dog. After 33 tests he got what he considered the ideal dog.

He started with a Poodle Standard and a Labrador retriever because he felt that this mix was going to be perfect for the combination attributes between fur and temperament necessary for a service dog. Tegan Park and Rutland Manor continued with the development and selection of the breed specimens created by Wally Conrad. The Australian Labradoodle puppies is not a simple mix between a Poodle and a Labrador. They are the English and American Cocker Spaniel, the Spanish Water Dog, who bring unique qualities to the dog that Tegan Park and Manor Lake felt essential to create the new breed with characteristics own.

His doubts come because he created the dog to help the visually impaired and allergy sufferers, but being a crossing could not secure the result that all puppies of the litter were hypoallergenic without problems. The problem is given by the unethical breeders who make barbarities with the crosses for not taking care in the background of the dogs. The Australian Labradoodle has become very popular (among celebrities have one), and driven by greed crosses many breeders perform regardless of the background, resulting in dogs with problems: convulsions, eye issues, hips, and elbows. Some have even had epilepsy.

It is clear from the foregoing that these dogs were created with a purpose. Its development was not to obtain “fashionable dogs,” but it was designed as a specialized service dog that until now did not exist. Like their cousins the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever, and many other dogs that do not work as service dogs for which they were raised, most of the Australian Labradoodles puppies live as loving pets while only a few do the work for which they were created as a race. It was transformed into a race that stands out due to its intelligence, “asthma and allergy friendliness” and for being dogs that lose little hair or nothing, perfect and loyal companions determined to please their owners. If we combine these characteristics and add their excellent health and fantastic temperament, we get the ideal dog. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how and why these dogs were thought at the beginning.

What do you call companion dog, pet, and breeding dog?

The Australian Labradoodles were initially created for a useful purpose are today with selfish people who do not raise healthy or beneficial dogs for money. They just put cute names instead of raising puppies that contribute to their families.

Breeding dogs are those breeding nuclei dogs, tested, registered and selected with great care to generate offspring. Pet dog is understood as the puppy, which will not be used as a father or mother, not because it is not a good specimen, but because it is not the intended purpose and therefore will not be subject to the diversity of controls required by the associations.

Australian Labradoodles puppies according to the norms established by the associations are sterilized before leaving the incubator. It is a cross between Labrador retriever and Australian Poodle (poodle) giant, standard or miniature. It should be noted that breeding is restricted to the first generation to guarantee genetic variety and avoid congenital diseases. That is, the breeders do not cross them, so it must always be the result of a plowman and a poodle.


Being a cross between two pure breeds, you can never know exactly how the Australian Labradoodle puppy is going to come out. Sometimes they seem more the farmer, smoother and coarse hair, shorter ears, but most of the time is more like the poodle: curly hair, soft, and longer ears. In Spain, they are often mistaken for a Spaniel. Like their progenitors, hair color can vary from cream to all shades of brown to black, red, chocolate but they are always monochrome.

And a value very appreciated: does not loose hair. It is so when your hair is curly like that of the poodle. There are others who do release, those who have come out more to Labrador, so it really cannot be considered 100% hypoallergenic.


The Australian Labradoodle puppy is used throughout the world as guide, assistance, and work dogs. They tend to be intelligent, active and friendly. From the farmer’s side, a born swimmer has left, until they dive. And also, something that you have to control more, gluttony. The puppy has always been a dog very willing to learn and work. Very friendly (sometimes excessively, because of look at it and want to climb the whole world) with adults, children, and other dogs. Very affectionate, playful and great runner, is tireless.

Also, a lot of puppies have an obsession with food. They eat like a vacuum cleaner and have been difficult to the habit of eating everything that is on the street. These puppies are happy sniffing and can find anything that interests them. It is content to work as a therapy dog in some of my training.

Before adopting an Australian Labradoodle

If you are thinking about taking a labradoodle puppy, inform yourself before the trusted hatcheries. The Labradoodles are usually sold at a high price, so you have to check that they meet the characteristics that justify that criterion. Remember that you should always know and see the puppy and his parents personally, checking the health, character, and attributes of all of them before acquiring one.

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