7 Steps guide on maintaining a cheap hoverboard

Hoverboards are new technological sensations in the market today, drawing the attention of every passer-bys’. Everyone wishes to buy one and enjoy riding it. People who have already bought it and are enjoying their rides must keep in mind that besides enjoying, they also need to take care of the product. Just like we maintain our cars and bikes, hoverboards need to be maintained as well. If not taken good care it, you’ll end up destroying any part of it. Maintaining your hoverboard may increase its life and you can use it to its fullest for a longer time period than expected.

Electric items need to be looked over properly or it might cause you accidents or fire break-outs, same goes with hoverboards. Below are some tips that will help you maintain your hoverboard and increase its life:

  • Keep your board clean

A person who is a clean freak will definitely keep his belongings neat and clean but the lazy ones will leave it untidy. Using a hoverboard and then cleaning it should be your daily habit if you’re the owner. Moving around the city on an untidy hoverboard may affect your personality as well. It is not even a time-consuming task. You just have to take a wet wipe and clean your hoverboard and for cleaning its wheels you have to use a brush and your board will shine bright like a new one and leave a good impression. Wheels have sensors in them that detect the direction of your body and if they are not cleaned properly, they might stop working. So it is our responsibility to keep a check on it and avoid using sharp objects while cleaning.

  • Keep a check on internal wires

If you are using your hoverboard regularly it might be possible that you may feel something wrong in its’ working any day. This might be due to its’ internal wires. This is usually a default from the factory but to avoid it, it is your responsibility to keep a regular check on these internal wires. You can open your hoverboard monthly and use appropriate tools to tighten your internal connections and check if there is some other damage or not. If you are not familiar to wire works it is better for you to not check it by yourself but refer to a mechanic near-by.

  • Avoid charging Overnight

Charging electric appliances for more than the required time might turn out to be harmful. In the case of cheap hoverboards, you should know the charge time of your product and remove it immediately after it is full. If your hoverboard is not in regular use it is recommended to charge it once in two weeks so that its’ battery is not drained. Or else battery might become unusable.

  • Storage of Hoverboard

People who own hoverboards, usually avoid the fact that they need to take proper care of it. They cannot leave it in their garages with bicycles and cars. Hoverboards should be stored inside the house in your bedrooms or living rooms. Its wheels are sensitive to dust and keeping it in garages for a longer time period may cause dust to accumulate in wheels and the sensors and motors in there might stop working. Moisture and Humidity in outdoor areas may also damage internal wirings and battery.

  • Keep a check on pedals

Before going on a ride it is very important for you to check if your pedals are fine or not. At times you might be unable to balance on the hoverboard and shake over it. It is due to loose pedals. You need to show it to an expert and avoid riding it. Also, pedals should not be too tight to direct. It would be better to have a test ride prior to longer one to avoid any issues.

  • Avoid Over-heating it

If you have used hoverboard for a longer period, it might be over-heated and the battery would be drained as well. You should be extremely cautious in such situations because charging an over-heated appliance may cause a fire break out and it would turn out to be an ugly accident. You should patiently wait for your appliance to cool down and then after 1 to 2 hours plug it in the socket. Giving it time to cool down will increase its’ durability and it will work for a longer time period.

  • Use hoverboards on limited terrains

Every hoverboard has its speed and range limited to its preferred terrain, so it is our responsibility to avoid riding it on extreme terrains that are not suitable for it or else it will destroy the wheels and motors present in it. There are hoverboards, which has its’ use limited to house only and if they are used in water or muddy areas, it will cause harm to the battery present in it.

To sum up, if you want your cheap used hoverboards to last for a few years and give the best performance then follow the above guide and maintain your hoverboard perfectly. Moreover, you have to take care of premium quality hoverboard as well. Otherwise despite their amazing features and high performance they will fail to give the best ride.

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