3 Leading Web Design Trends of 2019 in Dubai

Almost a quarter of the year 2019 is about to pass. Brands are still scurrying to implement the latest trends on the market. Technologies are evolving and so are different techniques to increase a business’s visibility. If you are a web design agency in Dubai and want to know how you can stay ahead in the race, here are some of the top trends for you to follow:

 Personalized Illustration

The first trend that is on the list is personalized illustration, which you can find on a lot of websites. These are on the hero image, the landing pages, sometimes even on the menu and so on and so forth. A feature of modern websites, you can also make these illustrations animated to add more impact to your websites. You can use them to highlight the USPs of your brand or to highlight features of any product. Make sure that the page on which you are using the illustration does not contain any other element that can take away from it. This will surely leave an impression on the target users. Another way to use this trend of web design in Dubai, is to guide your users to navigate your website or to demonstrate steps to use a product and so on and so forth.

Full-Screen Video Background

The next step is to come up with a website with a dynamic video background. This is one of the ways you can squeeze in more information on a single page and make the site look more attractive, especially for the first-time users. You can tweak it to explain the characteristics of your website, product and services in a more efficient manner. Moreover, since a lot of people are using mobile to browse the web, it will be the best option to capture their attention and increase the time spent interacting with the page. This can increase your conversion ratios manifold as well.

Unusual Typography

Typography will continue to rule web pages just like the images and videos. Experiment with different font sizes, styles and colors, which stand out on the website and attracts your targeted audience segment. You need to go for the best fonts that offer the web page an amazing visual hierarchy and enhances your brand further. You can also come up with your own font, which is exclusive to the product or services that you are selling. Any affordable web design company in Dubai can help you create unique fonts.  

The Wrap

These are some of the pointers that will help any brand ace website design in 2019. For more such insightful tips and tricks, keep a tab on this space. We will be back soon with another write-up! 

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