Safety Tips in Leaving your Car in a Parking Lot

Whether you live in an apartment or work in a city-based office, you might find yourself having to park your car on the building’s parking lot at some point. Of course, knowing your car is left unattended can lead to some stressful moments.

Despite having implemented rules and parking systems in the Philippines, still, we need to be cautious and alert in parking our vehicles wherever we go.

The following tips can help you protect your car and keep it safe when you leave it on a parking lot or garage.

Remove your car keys and lock your car This applies even to those leaving their cars in a car park. Many people tend to forget to lock their doors or they leave their windows open just enough to allow some cool air on
a hot day.

Either way, it could be dangerous and can lead to robbers help themselves
with your car. Refrain from using your cell phone while getting out of the car. Make sure to double check if your car is properly locked and take your keys along with you before you keep going.

Check whether the trunk lid is open
If you have the key that allows you to open the trunk with the push of a button, it is important to check it before you leave your parked vehicle behind. Most cars with this feature will alert you from the dashboard if it’s open, but if your car is off and when you slide your keys in your pocket, possibly you could hit the button and unlock the trunk.

When leaving your parked vehicle, it only takes a few seconds to check the trunk and it’s definitely worth a few seconds of your time.

Choose a parking spot carefully
This is important if you are parking at night. Avoid parking in between large cars because there is a possibility that a kidnapper will hide behind the vehicle and surprise you as you’re about to open the door. The best places to park your car is close near a store entrance. The closer you are, the less time you’ll have spent walking through the parking lot or garage.

Avoid parking your car at the end of a row. It will be more likely to
be hit by cars driving by if it’s at the very end of the row. Avoid parking especially after he end of a row in a crowded area.

Park in a well-lit areas
Parking in a dark corner can lead to trouble. Many cases of kidnapping and robberies occurred when is the area inside an establishment or near your neighborhood is not

well-lit. It is always the safest option to park in an area surrounded by street lights. Besure to take note where you parked. Write it down or take a quick photo of the section or row number.

Hide your Possessions
Leaving valuable items like your mobile phone, wallet, or laptop can be a target for thieves. Some criminals will actually stop by your car and see if they can spot anything worthwhile. It is better to leave all the important things at home to avoid getting robbed and always keep your car empty.

Always be alert to your surroundings
Always keep an eye on suspicious people or activities within your radar. Always stay alert because it isn’t a good time to be caught up in texting and catching up with social media. Carrying pepper spray is also a good idea. As you’re near your parking spot, check out the vehicles close to it. There could be someone is just sitting in the car beside yours or it has extra tinted windows. The signs could be fishy. Go back inside and ask a nearby guard to escort you to your car.

Lock your Steering Wheel
Investing in a special lock for your steering wheel is a good way to keep your car protected. It keeps the wheel locked, regardless of whether the engine is on or not and will act as repellents for anyone looking to drive away with your car.

Key Takeaway
A lot of parking mishaps may happen especially at parking lots. Parking our vehicles it isn’t a daunting task if you prepared well enough. As long as you follow these tips, your car should be relatively safe no matter where you park it. Parking lot safety is important for car owners in avoiding the worst situations wherever we go and while we hope for a better parking system in the Philippines.

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