Match Your Reoccurring Schedule

The NEMT industry deals with a lot of open schedules and sometimes misinformation. To combat that most owners try to batch schedule permanent trips all at one time and schedule them as reoccurring. This is the smartest approach to dealing with reoccurring trips and when it comes to non-emergency medical software even the most basic of software should include ways to schedule reoccurring trips instantly.

When shopping for scheduling software, dispatch software, NEMT software in general, it is essential that you consider an auto-scheduling software that can deal with reoccurring trips for you, without any user input. The scheduling of reoccurring trips should be an easy and quick process that saves you time and money. Simply check mark days you want the trips scheduled (days of the week) and select a date range.

To best utilize this feature, you should choose a Nemt software that allows you to at least schedule a year into the future, so you can always schedule your daily clients in advance since you know nothing will change with their schedule. The reoccurring trips will automatically be scheduled by the beginning of the workday for your driver to acknowledge and complete with their dispatch android app/dispatch iPhone app.

Any auto scheduling software that is being considered for purchase should have their auto scheduling software and regular scheduling software thoroughly tested so you can make sure that it adequate and easy enough for your employees to learn. The Auto scheduling software should be “smart” in the way that any inputted trips into the software are remembered and can be easily used next week with the same information.
This allows you to pull all the data from previous weeks, have a computer compare them both to your current day’s schedule, and automatically schedule the trips to the same drivers that had it prior.

Scheduling software that does not offer reoccurring trips option, schedule matching, and auto scheduling software, should only be considered for a low price point. The best ways to utilize your non-emergency medical transportation and Nemt Dispatch software is by using your reoccurring trips after you notice trends within your schedule, like for example receiving the same client from your brokerage 6 days in the row. You may want to inquire with the brokerage if that client would be reoccurring so you can plan ahead and schedule that client in advance. Along with scheduling software, your dispatch software should show on the reoccurring trips detailed notes for new drivers to understand that they are a frequent client.

Whether it be dispatch software, scheduling software, or auto scheduling software, you should be aware of the capabilities of the software and study all competitors accordingly.

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