How To Start Making Apps And Lay The Foundation Of Your Business

Developing mobile apps and selling them general public or making revenue from app store purchases and adds turns out to be the next big business opportunity this year and beyond. Hundreds of thousands of apps are introduced every month and increasing number of smartphone users download them for one reason or another. So, if you are interested in making apps to earn a living, you can develop an entire business around this idea. Let’s get into the details of how you should go about it.

  1. Identify What You Will Be Developing

Yes, any app development project, even if it’s just for a simple online alarm app, starts with an idea which actually revolves around an actual need. You can’t just wake up on a day and say that I’m going to develop this app. Rather, you have to do some research on what people are looking for and which of their needs can be addressed with a certain app.

  1. Look At It From The Business Perspective

Another important thing to keep in mind is the business perspective of the idea. You can definitely go with something people are looking for and that has potential to become popular, but you also have to identify what’s in it for you. If it’s a fun and popular app that earns you nothing then you should better pass it. Even if it makes enough, you should determine whether or not the costs will be covered and how much you’ll be taking home at the end of the day.

  1. Get On With The Design And Development

Once you have things evaluated and set up, you should actually get on with the design and development process of the app. You have a few options here. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Become An App Developer: If you have the expertise and you are in the IT field, you can start designing and developing apps on your own. You will have an inside out look at everything involved in the process and can develop your app in least possible costs. Even if you don’t know anything about it, you can get yourself registered in a good training course and learn app development A to Z before starting to make your own apps. However, you’ll need to have enough time for that.
  • Get Some Offshore Freelancer: With services like Guru or Upwork available today, you can easily find just a perfect match for someone with expertise you are looking for. With high competition at these freelancing platforms, you can bid to get a lower price for sure. Remember, however, that it may take more time than you might imagine and there’s risk of getting an app with some obvious bugs in it. Sometimes, you may also have to hire a designer and a developer separately because your chosen freelance developer may not be the best at designing apps.
  • Hire Your In-House Developer: If you have the finances and everything else it takes to set up your own office, you’d be better off hiring somebody in-house to develop your apps. It is important to remember here that this option may prove to be a bit more costly for you but it is quite appropriate as well considering the long term benefits. And, even if the developed apps have any bugs, your developer will be there to work on improving it and you can launch improved versions continuously as well.
  • Find A Partner Or A Developer Team: In case, if you’re really serious about starting your own app business, why not join hands with a team of developers or partner with someone who has the expertise you are looking for. You can take care of the business side of the projects while leaving the development and design tasks to them. You will have experienced programmers to work on your projects and can expect long-time support if you choose to take this route. And, obviously, you will not be paying them and rather it will work on a revenue-sharing system. So, if you are a bit low on budget, this can be a more viable solution for you.


  1. Launch Your App

Once you have a team or individual developers working for you, it’s only a matter of time that your apps are developed and ready to be launched. Just do some pre-launch testing and launch your apps at all popular app stores around. Revenues will soon start coming in.

  1. Marketing Is Important

You may have developed a wonderful app and launched it on all popular app stores, but if you are not marketing it properly at all the relevant avenues, you may still not see the kind of results you were expecting. So, keep marketing and promoting your smartphone apps and you will see things getting better soon enough.

So, you have all you need to start making apps and run a business of your own. Just get started with it and see how things turn up as you move forward.

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