How Entrepreneurs Shape the Market

Everyone dreams of having their own business. It is considered an investment and a
powerful tool of social transformation. Entrepreneurship plays a huge role in society.
With entrepreneurship schools around the Philippines, one person can build their
ideal business through their passion, bring ideas to life, and make it their source of
income. Entrepreneurs are risk takers and game changers in different industries. They
are out to make a difference and contribute to society. Here are some factors how
entrepreneurs change the way they communicate with their market:

Storytelling                                                                                                                                                                               Entrepreneurs are experts in sharing stories to the audience. They let the people
become immersed through personal testimonies of people using the brand. One
example is sharing the history of how their business started, the challenges
encountered during operation, and the lessons learned. Another is by sharing different
stories on what makes their business different among its competitors. By having
genuine interactions, it attracts people to become future customers, investors, and
partners. Telling a strong story creates a lasting impact; people will remember you
better if you make them feel something and not just give them the information that they

Collaborative Environment
The old saying “two heads are better than one” is relevant for a reason. An
entrepreneurship can build relationships by having collaborations with fellow business
people, social organizations, government agencies, and multinational companies. By
collaborating with other people, it makes tasks easier and saves you more time than if
you had just done it by yourself. Collaboration is essential because it gives people a
sense of responsibility. The ability to participate in the discussion and find solutions to
problems teaches them to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. It
also generates new ideas and shows progressive growth in the business.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Entrepreneurs create value by helping out communities with their needs, whether
through education, environment, health and livelihood aspects. Having an advocacy
creates an impact not only on the business itself but also to their surroundings. It makes
businesses more sustainable and promotes a happier society. More and more people
choose to work with businesses that help make the world a better place. By giving back
to the community and providing opportunities, the feeling of fulfillment becomes worth it.

Key takeaway
Starting a business is not about making a profit and maximizing revenue. A great
business creates value to the people by sharing great stories and what will they get
from it, as well as working with different groups of people to generate new ideas.
Entrepreneurs find solutions, maintain good relationships within their networks, and are
responsible for making the world a more sustainable and happier place for people to
work in. If entrepreneurship is something you want to pursue in the future, there are
many entrepreneurship schools in the Philippines that can help you get the best
education about the subject. Running a business does not come in a one size fits all
handbook, but with the right skills and knowledge from an entrepreneurship school, you
too can be successful!


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