Dispatching & Tracking Driver Along with Vehicle


Currently, when running a business, it is essential to continually keep upgrading your technology and how you do day to day operations. That is why NEMT companies that invest in non-emergency medical software ahead of time usually stay around longer in the industry. There are 4 fundamental parts to non-emergency medical software that help make dispatching and tracking vehicles a breeze! The parts are dispatch android app/dispatch iPhone app, scheduling software, dispatch software, auto dispatch software, and auto scheduling. These parts combine to create a full service non-emergency medical software that can make the difference between first and last.

The dispatch android app/ dispatch iPhone app allows complete tracking of the vehicle by way of GPS, by tracking fuel intake, pickup times, and by tracking worked hours. This part alone grants non-emergency medical transportation owners a leg-up over competitors. The dispatch android app should be easy to use, intuitive, and should never have a server downtime, to ensure that your drivers always have a way to connect to the dispatcher. The dispatch android app/dispatch iPhone app should always be pinging back to the server to make sure it has the most accurate information. To make sure that everyone in your company can experience the bliss of new software, choose a provider that creates software for both Android and iPhone.

Scheduling software is a must for all growing NEMT providers to cut down time daily on schedule. Gone are the days of having to manually enter all trips into excel and manually assign trips to each driver. With scheduling software, you may want to consider the integration of the non-emergency medical software with existing broker software, like MTM software for example, they have an established software that if given permission you could sync it up with your software and save even more time by not having to accept and upload trips every day, they could just send it to you instantly!

Dispatch software is arguably the most essential part of the non-emergency medical software, paired with the dispatch android app/dispatch iPhone app of course. Dispatching has never been easier these days with dispatch software that can find holes in schedules easier, dragging and dropping trips into driver’s schedules, instantly opening up google maps from your software and tracking where your driver is located, syncing up with driver’s apps and managing times daily with intuitive non-emergency medical software.

The next part can definitely help increase productivity, but might not be the most necessary part of the non-emergency medical software. The auto scheduling software is a great tool in facilitating growth within a company by cutting the time required to schedule in half, AT LEAST. Auto scheduling software can help you keep track of your drivers and where they should be by creating multiple options for schedules daily and know the schedules far ahead of time, which should allow you enough time to study the schedule thoroughly. Auto scheduling software works by adjusting the parameters of an algorithm in order to get the best results.

The last part of the non-emergency medical software is auto dispatching software. Auto dispatching software is the newest software for non-emergency medical transportation providers. It allows private clients and brokers to schedule a trip on your system and the system will automatically choose an available driver to be dispatched to that location, the only thing required from your end is supervision of the schedule. It cuts so much time and allows for even more control and tracking of your drivers and your vehicles.

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