All you can know about Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

There would hardly be any girl who has not gone through a phase of “I want long hair”, but of course, long hair a hard deal. They take a whole lot of time to grow and not even end being good looking because of split ends and rough, dry hair.

Here we have an alternative option for you to have healthy long hair that you won’t regret having any day. Hair Extensions are the easiest option for adding length and volume to their hair in few hours. It is trending these days and many salons are providing this service. Although there are different types of hair extensions available these days Cold Fusion method is new and is much gentle to the hair of all types. It is an expensive method but it is worth spending for because every girl wants to have long hair of her dreams without any pain or damage to hair and here we have this method.

What is Cold Fusion Method?

This method is very much similar to Hot Fusion Hair Extension Method, but it doesn’t include a heating tool but a special tool that works by producing ultrasonic wavelengths that breaks down the protein in the bonds to attach your hair to the bond. This process occurs without any heat and without any damage to the Client’s natural hair. This method is said to be a gentler alternative as compared to the Hot Fusion Hair Extension method.

More to this, there are a number of cold fusion hair extensions that vary in quality and price. You must go for the top quality cold fusion hair extensions that can give a natural and glamorous look to you.

How is it done?

Adding length and volume to your hair by this method may take 4 to 5 hours of your routine. The method starts by cleaning your hair by washing it twice so that all the dirt and oil in the hair is readily removed. After drying the hair, they are separated into sections starting at the scalp and pulled through a bead and clamped shut. A little space around the head is left to make it easier for you to tie your hair and make the bonds undetectable. The hair extension used in this method is virgin hair that is expensive and quite healthy to be used. The fusion machine that radiates ultrasonic waves is then used to at the keratin tip of the bond, that crystallizes it, making it more strong and developing a long-lasting bond.

How long does this stay?

It usually stays for 4 to 6 months, and if a person takes good care of her hair it might stay for 8 to 9 months.

How does it feel to have these extensions on your head?

These hair extensions are extremely light in weight to carry around and a person feels like his own natural hair. Neither does it give a hint of an extension nor does a person feel the burden on his head.

How do you maintain these extensions?

It is advised to keep your hair dry for the next 48 hours after the cold fusion. A person should not take a bath or wet his/her hair. Other than that they should avoid using oil or silicone-based products near the attachment of extensions. Apart from this, you can wash your hair normally and style them according to your choice.

Benefits of Cold Fusion Hair Extension:

The question that arises here is that why do we only choose cold fusion method? Below are many of its benefits that attract clients.

  • It does not include the use of heat that prevents our hair from maximum damage.
  • No glue is used for the application.
  • If a hair strand falls down it can be picked by a technician and put back again in its place.
  • It is done by using virgin hair that is very natural.
  • No person looking at your hair can say it to be an extension because they look very natural.
  • Clients with alopecia are benefited because extensions are directly bonded to their thin and fragile hair.
  • It gives volume to thin hair.
  • It is applicable on any hair type, even on thick and coarse hair.
  • It merges and blends with natural hair very well.
  • The hair extensions used are most probably reusable
  • This method is extremely helpful for patients who have undergone their chemotherapies, as they no more have to wear uncomfortable and observable wigs because it bonds the hair extension very close to the scalp making it look too real to be noticed as extensions.

Removal of Cold Fusion

This can be removed anytime, whenever you want, very easily just by dissolving the bond by using depolymerizing lotion.

After reading the above description, you might have got an idea by now about this method of hair extensions that is quite trendy in salons today and is worth your money as well. Causing no damage to your real hair and getting longer, healthier and full of volume hair makes this method a perfect choice of clients.

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