Pamper Your Body Before Wedding

Your D-day is just around the corner. You have discussed it all from the design of your wedding card to the theme of your wedding, from the dress code to the starters, but what about you? Do you want to look any less than a fairy or a princess on your wedding day? Well, for that you need to pamper your skin well. Here are few tips to pamper yourself before your wedding.

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A Relaxing Massage to Relive all the Stress of Wedding

Be it to stressing over the designs of your Indian wedding card or putting up whole deck of make-up products for a stunning pre wedding photo shoot, a bride has to go through a lot of things. And in this situation who else needs a more relaxing massage than the bride herself? Massage is one good way to pamper your whole body to relive all the stress down. Also it helps in calming down the “cold feet”. You can go to a spa or treat yourself with some almond oil. A good massage before your wedding day, keeps all the stress away.

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A Mineral Bath for the Beautiful Bride to Be

While deciding the theme for your regal Indian wedding card, you opt for the best, something unique than the traditional, so why not give a distinctive flair to your skin too. Instead of regular bath, choose mineral bath. This is quite relaxing and works miraculously in relieving the muscles tension. So treat your body well with a rich mineral bath.

A Good Exfoliation with a Deep Moisturizing

But… but… but… to be brides, do it only when you have done it previously. Don’t try something new just before your wedding day. You can use something mild or a gentle scrub for exfoliating. Later after cleaning that, your body needs to be pampered with a good moisturizer. You are the bride and you have all the right in the world to spoil yourself a little.

Your Eyes Are the Mirror

Those puffy eyes have the way to spoil everything. The last thing you want on your “d0day” is those puffy eyes and swollen eye bags. They make you look tired. So, if you don’t want to spoil it all with those eye bags, you need to treat your eyes as well. The solution is a good eye cream or a mask. It will help you to look more fresh and radiant for your wedding.

Take Care of Those Lips too

The soft lips are complementary to that killer smile. We juts ignore the regime take care of the lips. You probably are taking care of them for quite a long but an intensive lip mask, just before the wedding day can help you with those soft lips. After all, Kissable lips are the must for the wedding; you can’t have it in any other way.

A Good Care From Head Over Heels

Often brides take care of everything except the feet. You surely are in love with him from head over heels, so why left the feet to enjoy that special care. And talking about Indian weddings, every angle of the bride is captured from head to toe. So take good care of your foot too. If you have already had your pedicure, a good moisturizing foot cream will make up.

You are the star of your wedding, so why not outshine everyone with being the most beautiful bride you are.

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