Is too much skin care bad for you?

If you ever wondered if using too much skincare is bad for you, the answer is

definitely yes. Your skin, just like other organs, has things they cannot tolerate at

such high amounts. If your liver cannot handle too much alcohol, your skin will not be

able to tolerate so much exposure to certain product ingredients at high amounts.

For many people, it is usually a fragrance. This is why it is not advisable for you to

use up to 10 products because your skin will be harmed, too the point you may need

skin care services in the Philippines to consult with dermatologists for your



People will use too much skin care because first, they wrongly assume more means

better results. Second, a lot of them have become addicted to repeatedly buying and

trying new skincare which is dangerous. Additionally, a routine that involves too

many products can be expensive to maintain.

These are the signs that your skin was already harmed by too much skincare:



Skin rashes look like red bumps that are itchy to the touch. While rashes can be

signs of a certain disease, they flare up in the face also because a certain allergen

triggered them. If you have a rash in the face while you don’t have any sickness,

then something you put in you skin triggered it. This type of rash is called contact



When people use so much skin care product on their face, contact dermatitis rashes

may occur because the surface was exposed to an ingredient or ingredients in some

of the product it is allergic to.

The ingredients that usually cause this are:

● Fragrances

● Parabens

● Urea

● Phenoxyethanol

● Retinol A


Another type of rash you may suffer from using harmful beauty products is eczema.

While contact dermatitis is more situational, eczema is a lifetime skin condition that

many women and men suffer from.People with this condition has rash flareups

periodically thanks to skincare ingredients that trigger it.


Pimples Breakouts

People who regularly get acne are the type of skincare users more prone to thinking

that using more products will solve their problem. They think a certain face wash,

toner, or serum could be the answer to all their problems. This is untrue because

acne can be caused by many reasons.


One of the reasons you can get pimples from certain products is because they have

pore-clogging ingredients like these:

● Oils (coconut, jojoba, olive)

● Propylene Glycol

● Cocoa butter


● Lauric Acid

● Myristic Acid

● Ingredients with the word palmitate (Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Isopropyl Palmitate)


When oils that usually come from the pores for protection do not come out because

of these ingredients, they will clog the pores until it forms pimples. If you don’t have

time to read the ingredient list to make sure there is nothing harmful to a certain

product, just make sure it is labeled non-comedogenic.


Another reason you broke out is that your skin got irritated. When you use skin care

to reduce your current pimples, like spot treatments, too many times, it can lead to

burning the top layer of the pimples. Thus, your skin gets irritated and your pimples

look worse than before.


Dehydrated Skin

Dry skin on the face does not look great. Your face can look too scaly and can feel

painful to touch. Dehydrated skin can occur when you don’t moisturize your face

enough after washing, you exfoliate too much, use very harsh products, or use too

many moisturizing products that have ingredients which dry out the surface.

Drying ingredients that brands can put in their moisturizers to watch out for are:

● SD alcohol

● Salicylic Acid

● Retinoids

● Benzoyl Peroxide


Increased shininess

Is your face prone to looking like a disco ball? Having oily and shiny skin is fine

because that is to be expected. If you face doesn’t feel any oilier, but is starting to

look shinier, than there is a problem.


A very shiny face that is not only may indicate that you are using too many

exfoliating items in your everyday skincare routine. Exfoliating is important because

you need it removes dead skin cells so your skin can renew and be healthy. But,

over exfoliating can do more harm than good since it can thin out the skin’s barrier

and remove precious oils which are all responsible for protecting your face from

environmental factors. Instead of exfoliating every day, twice a week should be enough


Paradoxical hyper pigmentation

Paradoxical hyper pigmentation happens when a product ingredient is causing your

brown spots, that come from the exposure to the sun, to become even darker. This

usually happens when your face did not react well to a skin-lightening product such

as Kojic Acid soap or facial wash.


Key Takeaway:

Skin is just like any organ, which cannot handle too much of anything such as

skincare. A lot of skincare products have ingredients which your face cannot handle

and this leads to problems such as acne breakouts, which may need the help of

dermatologists from Skin Care Services in the Philippines. Using so much skin

care may do more harm than good to your skin because the surface has more

opportunities to come in contact with these harmful ingredients.

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