Dehydrated or dry lips are one of the worst problems. If one has dry or textured lips, no matter what color of lipstick that they apply, it never sits on the lips. Dry lips might be due to a number of different reasons. One might have dry lips due to the dryness of the weather or due to an internal water deficiency.

If one has an internal deficiency and is having dry lips due to it, then no matter what scrub he/she tries, the condition of the lips won’t be improved until proper water intake is maintained. Therefore,

1- Drink lots and lots of water:
Drink at least 8 glasses of water to meet up the needs of water. Water is extremely vital for the body.

2- Use a good quality lip balm.
Good quality lip balms tend to moisturize the lips. There are even sleeping lip balms or masks available which have a very nice and fresh smell and when you wake up in the morning, your lips feel exceptionally soft. You can use the very famous ‘’baby lips’’ by Maybelline.

3- Exfoliate.
You can use a lip balm and remove it with the help of a clean tooth brush or any soft cloth, which won’t be too hard for the lips. Once you remove the balm, you feel your lips extremely soft.

One thing that we all have to admit is the drastic effects of the use of ‘’bad quality’’ makeup. Bad quality makeup products have different toxic chemicals present in them which might have a very negative impact on the skin. The skin might become full of acne and dry as well as textured. The same goes for the lips. Given below is a great quality lipstick which provides extra hydration.

-Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur Lip Color Lipstick Partner in Crimson 30:
This lipstick is a very warm shade which goes to the red shade. This makes your lips very attractive and eye catching, adding the necessary moisture so if you have dry lips, you need not to worry. The creamy consistency makes it super pigmented and it hides all the texture of your lips.

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