Not only does every season accompany with it different colors and makeup looks but the looks and colors even change with the time of the day. During the day time, people usually tend to go with light and bright colors but when it comes to an evening party, you’ll see everyone going with a very dramatic kind of makeup with sparkly eyes, darker eye and lip shades, and yes, maybe an intense eyeliner as well. And when it comes to the hair looks, they also change with the type of makeup you are going for and however, they are also widely dependent upon the type of outfit or the type of event you’re going to attend.
Well, whenever one has to go to a big event/party, they tend to get really confused between what to do and what not to. There’s usually a lot of stress and a lot of hustle, but you can definitely avoid it by pre-planning and gathering ideas. 10 best evening hair and makeup looks have been listed below which can provide you the idea of what to do on your upcoming event.

1- A brown eyelid with a messy bun.
This makeup look is super simple and does not include you going too intense with the colors, however, it looks super elegant. This makeup look has nothing but a brown on the lid, a smudged eyeliner, a black shade smudged on the water line and yes, a nude lip you can go with the Faces Mineral, Café date which will definitely go with this look.
Coming to the hairstyle, this has been paired up with a messy bun and no, it is not an ordinary boring bun, but has a glittery accessory which has been accommodated in it and makes it looks more than perfect.

2- A Burgundy eye look with a decent tuck back hairstyle:
This look has a burgundy eye shade, with a thin eyeliner, and again the lighter burgundy shade on the water line. The burgundy shade is smudged in a way that it looks more like a smokey eye but it is not as intense. On the lips, Taylor Swift is rocking a glossy, bright red color (you can go with a Ruby Woo shade), and looks absolutely stunning.
Moreover, she has paired it with a messy, tucked back hairstyle. You can go with a braid or a bun, whatever you want. However, keep it tucked back like Taylor swift did.

3- A silvery gray smokey eye and front bangs:
Well, Taylor Swift has been looking absolutely stunning in the evening events that she has attended. This is one of her looks which includes a beautiful silvery, gray smokey eye with a winged eye liner and again a red lip. Taylor Swift has paired this make up look with front bangs and curled hair on the front which make her look the most complete one you might have ever seen.

4- A brown smokey eye, bronzed look with curls:
It would be great to do a brown smokey eye which includes a smudged eye liner and the brown shade on the waterline as well. This makeup look is complete with a gorgeous, natural, nude lipshade. Also, Selena’s face is clearly bronzed adding more brown into her face. She has gone for curls which are not intense ones and are straight from the start.

5- Golden shimmery eye with beach waves:
The golden shimmery eyes will make your look blinding. This makeup look will look stunning during your event and you will look the most extraordinary. This eye look has an eyeliner with it too and a brown on the water line which prevents the eyes from looking too flat. On the lips, there is a burnt orange shade and you can go for the Miami fever by Kathleen Lights x Ofra collaboration. For the hair, there are perfect beach waves which you can pin using a shimmery eye-catching hairpin.

6- Rosegold eyes with sleep straight hair:
Now this is a very flawless look which includes a simple shimmery rose gold eye. This look has brown in the crease, a smoked end and rosegold in between with a dull purple shade on the water line. On the lips is a berry purple shade and this looks amazing with sleek straight hair.

7- Shimmery green eyes, with messy loose curls:
Gigi Hadid is looking flawless in this look where she has shining green eyes with a baby pink on the lips. And yes, for the hairstyle she has gone with one flat from the front but loose messy curls on the back.

8- A winged eyeliner with a glossy lip.
This look has a simple eye with just a hint of shade in the crease but a winged eye liner sharp enough to make you look amazing during the event. This is a very simple look with a simple pink gloss but looks perfect. This look is complete with a bun at the back and hair falling on the face.

9- A winged eye with a curled pony tail:
This makeup look has a brown in the crease with a winged eye liner. On the lips, Ariana has a mute purple look and yes, she has made the look beautiful with ponytail with it with her hair curled from the bottom.

10- A dull golden eye, with a plum lip and a messy braid:
This makeup look has a beautiful dull golden eye, a simple plain eye liner, and is topped off with plum lips. You can pair this makeup look with Maybelline’s sensation lip color Lipstick in Plum shine 830 which is gorgeous and moisturizes your lips like no other lipstick does. This lipstick will turn the heads once you apply this shade on your lips. Also, this make up look will look best with a customized messy braid.




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