Choose the Right Auto Part at a Junkyard Like a Pro with These Handy Tips

A junkyard, also known as a salvage yard, or wrecking yard, is the location where old and dilapidated cars are taken apart so that the parts, as well the metals that they contain can be damaged again after recycling. If you are in need of an auto part and that too within a limited budget, or if you are in search of a rare auto part, then a wrecking yard will be the ultimate destination for you. And as there are several professionals and companies in this industry, it will not be difficult to get in touch with such a company.

However, as a salvage yard is over flooded with car parts of different types of cars including Navara, X-trail, Murano, Just 4×4, and many more, you may keep wondering from where to start the search after going there. To make sure you don’t lose yourself in the labyrinth of salvage parts, and return back home with the right auto part in your hand, here we have put together a few useful tips. Take a look.

1. Find the serial number on the part

One of the most important things that you can do to make finding the correct auto part easier is to have the serial number ready to give to the representative of the salvage yard. Most of the times, the number is engraved directly into the side of the part. But in case the part is rusted and old, it is most likely that you will not find the serial number right away. As the serial number is most likely buried beneath rust, you will have to remove the oxidation first. However, if the part is too small to submerge, place it in a bucket full of undiluted vinegar. The dissolution will make the rust easier to remove. Scrub the metal to find the serial number, and write it down to the salvage yard so that they can help you to find the exact match.

2. Bring the part with you (if possible)

In case you fail to find the serial number for the part or if it is too worn to read, you could bring the old part with you in the junkyard. A staff member at the salvage yard will examine the part thoroughly, match it to the one that is already in stock or available in the yard. This course of action is worthy when you are looking for a smaller car part. But if you are in search of a used engine or transmission, it is not possible to remove the entire part to take to the junkyard.

3. Take a snapshot of your vehicle’s VIN tag

If you do not have the serial number of the car part or if it is not possible to take it with you in the junkyard, then take a snapshot of your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tag to show to the staff member of the salvage yard. If you are looking for an engine or transmission, the number on the VIN tag can give the representative detailed information about your vehicle. For instance, if you want to buy an engine that matches the original one, then the representative will look at the fourth through eight digits to find out this information. These numbers represent codes that represent the power of the motor, as well as the transmission and the body type.

So, bring as much information as possible when visiting an auto wrecking company that offers engine, tyres, glass, and Nissan gearbox for sale.

Author Bio: Samuel Daiches, a popular blogger on recycled car parts like Nissan gearbox for sale, here writes on a few tips for choosing the right car part for your Navara, X-trail or Just 4×4.


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