3 Types of Crane Trucks that You should always Keep in Mind for Your Business

Crane trucks provide impeccable service in lifting heavy materials; thus, being perfect for constructing tall buildings. Also, they simply work well for transporting heavy equipment from one construction to another. The whole affair of loading and unloading can enhance job efficiency and finish the projects on time.

Now there are many quality crane facilities striving to offer the best in the market. Some of the agencies have gone to an extent to meet your construction needs by offering different types of cranes. Therefore, every crane does not fulfil the project requirements and complete the job with finesse.

The crane trucks are mainly classified as per their capacity of carrying goods. Would it not help if you knew what type of crane is suitable for your business? For this reason, take a look at the following kinds of crane trucks offered by Crane Hire Victoriaat the lowest price.

Tilt Tray Trucks for Carrying 7 Tonnes

Having a 7.5-metre long tray, the tilt trays are great for handling heavy duty projects. They are popular for saving time by shifting the materials. Moreover, the trucks are customised in a way to pull a car from a lake or river without wasting a great deal of time.

Instead of dragging the car and damaging it further, the seating capacity of the tilt tray truck comes handy. Hence, for safety purposes, the tilt truck can reach the fixed destination even through heavy snow or rain.

Semi Trailers for Fulfilling Wide Requirements

Being highly convenient for any road type, the well-serviced vehicles can save your time and money at the same time. The semi-trailer varies on a large scale including dump trucks, flat tops and curtain siders. You can customise the truck as per the load requirement. In addition to the context, the Australian Department of logistics suggests that the high need for semi-trailer contributes to environmental and economic benefits.

The cars are available with the latest technological update and the GPS feature enables the real-time location to the customer. Also, you can rent the service depending on the time of requirement.

Crane Semi for Heavy Duty Works

The speciality of the crane semi truck is that this type can take care of materials weighing up to 22 tonnes. Here, the crane can carry 600kgs at 21 metres and 7.5 tonnes at 4 metres without damaging your goods in any way. Therefore, the crane semi truck can limit your worries of carrying heavy goods of any sector very easily.

So, if you are in need of managing 5-7 tonnes of materials and hiring tilt trays, get in touch with the trained operators of tilt trays Melbourne.

Author bio: Daniel Selby is an experienced writer with many articles on transportation services including how to hire tilt trays Melbourne. Here, he discusses three types of crane trucks that everyone should know about before hiring.


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