3 Car Maintenance Mistake You Must Avoid

Buying a car isn’t really a big deal, but its maintenance is. While maintaining the car, here’re a few mistakes you need to avoid.

Car owners happen to have some responsibilities when it comes to car maintenance. The regular maintenance might seem boring, and you may even feel like procrastinating it that most of you do, but any sort of negligence in this can lead to even bigger problems that you don’t want. Perhaps that’s the reason why experts recommend choosing the experienced and qualified mechanic.

The auto mechanic you choose should be well aware of the problems with your care, and you must analyze him enough to prove his skills as well as knowledge. Here’re a few mistakes you need to avoid with your car maintenance. So let’s dive in;

Not Checking the Engine Light

You might have sometime noticed you engine light illuminating even if there are no obvious signs of a problem. You’ll have to admit this! While driving, you can’t see everything that’s happening inside. At that very moment, most of you get negligent and think the light is the illumination for no reason or perhaps there’s something wrong with the light.

Mostly, it’s not like that because the system detects even if something minor goes wrong. Procrastinating it will make the problem bigger and eventually let you pay more down the road. So whenever you see the engine light illumination, make sure to get the engine inspected by the certified and experienced mechanic.

Not changing the Air & Fuel Filters

Well, this is a big mistake you might be making. It’s advisable to change the filters regularly when getting your car serviced. Because at that time, it’ll be a matter of few moments as well as inexpensive. But when the filters are clogged, it can turn up a huge mess. You can ask the certified mechanic to do it for you. If it’s not changed regularly, contaminants will increase exponentially thereby shortening the life of your engine.

Moreover, you don’t want the various sensors of your car to fail due to the dirty fuel filter. Keep in mind! When the sensors fail, it leads to the illumination of the check engine light resulting in the engine misfiring. For sure, you don’t want to pay a huge bill for that afterwards.

Not Checking the Tire Pressure

Whenever you visit the reputable auto shop for the car maintenance in Dubai, you must always ask them to properly inflate the car tires as well. According to the experts, it’s imperative to check once a month that your car tires are inflated appropriately.

Keep in mind! The properly inflated car tires help improve the fuel economy by 3.3%. If you don’t want to get higher bills and serious damages, it’s essential to check the tire pressure regularly as it’ll be beneficial for you in the long run.


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